Computer whizz kid

When my generation was in nappies (and not of the Pampers kind) computers weren’t as mainstream as they are now. What a difference a decade (or two) makes.

My little guy got his first laptop (a toy one!) aged one but he prefers to ‘torture’ mine, while I try to  make sure it stays out of his reach! However, a few days ago I came across the site that has put an end to our differences .)

KNEEBOUNCERS was born out of frustration of a 9-month old little girl and her father’s desire to help her. Jim Robinson couldn’t find a site where his daughter could play games without using a PC mouse. He, together with Kurt Dommermuth, developed six colourful (and very cute) characters called Caesar the Puppy, Freddy the Bear, Horatio the Hippo, Foo Foo the Bunny and Sammy the Monkey (and you should see their nicknames, they are bound to make you giggle) and 15 games, ranging from the obvious shapes, colours, numbers, to peek-a-boo, music-maker and my favourite, bed jump (what you don’t do in everyday life, you can do on computer). The site is easy to navigate and each game can be played by pressing any random key-try to stay away from the ‘power’ button though, which my son loves but it sends my laptop into hibernation.  

See what your little one thinks of it, but I bet he or she won’t be disappointed.

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