Content hosted event with RMS Beauty founder, Rose-Marie Swift

RMS Beauty is a line of organic make-up products ( plus multi-tasking cleanser & beauty oil ) that was created by a celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift. It is based on organic and clean living principles and the products are formulated with raw, unrefined, organic ingredients. I have been using this line of beauty products for a couple of years now and my love affair with the brand started with RMS beauty raw coconut cream that is one of those incredible multi-taskers-a great cleanser that nurtures your skin and is full of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties, as well as offering protection to your skin from free radicals, which can accelerate the ageing process.

Luckily for me, I was invited to attend the event that my favorite organic beauty store Content Well-being was hosting with Rose-Marie herself, at the Norwegian export, a cafe called 42 Raw at the Burlington Gardens.


When you meet a well-known make-up artist, who has worked with many celebrities and top photographers you sort of expect them to be full of airs and graces-well, Rose-Marie is anything but. Tall and slim, as if she was a model herself, she has a beautiful face framed by a short bob that only accentuates her sharp cheekbones and very bright, sparkling eyes. Dressed in a red sweater ( only a confident woman can wear such a vivid shade of red, as it really does put a spot light on you in the best sense of the word ), black slim jeans and casual black ballerinas, she looked like a graceful stork that has landed on our shores.

The talk started by her telling us about her line and the fact that having worked as a make-up artist for so many years, she really wanted to create something that frames our beauty naturally and doesn’t harm our health. Having worked with so many make-up brands, she was after ‘a completely different line of make-up’, the one that would use the goodness of minerals, be safe for our skin and won’t ruin our health in the process. As far as she is concerned, cosmetic industry in general has ruined our perception of oils in make-up, making us think it will make our skin greasy, while she knows from her own research on the subject that oils can and do work synergetically with the skin.


She gave her audience a good example, to which most of us could easily relate-have you ever cooked a broccoli? You take a bright, beautiful floret and put it into the boiling water-a few minutes, then you take it out-the colour and the nutritional value of broccoli hasn’t changed and it will give our body a vitamin boost. Keep it in for too long, it becomes mushy and completely depleted of vitamins and minerals. Now, the same applies to cosmetics and skincare.

RMS Beauty products ( like its wonderful & delicious smelling cleanser ) contains raw, unprocessed coconut oil, which is full of lauric acid which is rarely found in nature and is considered one of healthiest oils that we can use in cooking or on our skin and hair, as well as jojoba oil ( which is very nurturing for human skin ), vitamin E and ingredients that are non GM. And by the way, GM is a huge topic of discussion in the US at the moment, where various health epidemics are on the rise and one of the primary factors is the widespread use of GM in the food supply chain).

Rose-Marie has also talked very passionately ( she is very vocal and humorous, but at the same time, while listening to her, you can feel a vibrating steely core when it comes to her dedication to educating women about make-up and the effect that it can have not only on how they look, but more importantly, how they feel and how it affects their health) about nano particles, which are so tiny, that they are able to penetrate our blood stream barrier, thus leading to our blood being much more exposed to chemical substances that can harm us long-term. Now, you don’t really think of that when you buy your make-up, do you? We all think that it just makes us look pretty and more youthful, hiding a variety of little problems, like tiredness or uneven skin tone……

We got detailed explanations of the ideas behind all of her products and it was really interesting for me to learn in more detail about the products that I love to use.


The product that won RMS Beauty its first award was lip & skin balm. Normally what I notice first and foremost, when it comes to lip products, is that many of them make my lips feel dry, even when they claim to be hydrating. Well, this one contains bee propolis ( oh how I love honey and anything associated with it !) and actually helps to strip dead skin off from your lips, giving way to well hydrated, kissable lips.

Rose-Marie then made us laugh with a story about her ‘un’ cover up, which can be used as a very light weight concealer & foundation. Many of her stockists complain to her that this little pot is so long-lasting, it takes a while for the customer to run out and come back to the store, but it really makes Rose-Marie happy….

You apply it with your fingertips, with light, feather like strokes, as Rose-Marie later demonstrated on one of the girls from our audience ( hello London Make-Up Girl ):


 this product enhances your skin, gently hiding the imperfections-uneven skin tone, large pores, giving way to a much more radiant, natural & beautiful looking face-the ‘better’ version of us .) It works with your skin, matching its appearance, but Rose-Marie does admit that when you are doing a photo shoot, where the model works under very bright lights, one would definitely need a more robust, stronger synthetic foundation to achieve the desired effect for the editorials.

We all got to test the feather-light ”un” powder ( best ingredient for powder, according to Rose-Marie is silica but the problem is that you can’t press it, so in her powder they had to ‘cut it spherically’ in order to achieve the desired result ) that as yet isn’t on sale in the UK ( maybe in a couple of months it will land on UK shores at Content Well-being store ). The white powder literally disappears on your skin, adding a welcome veil of radiance and the feeling of comfort, unlike many traditional powders that actually feel very drying ( hand on my heart, I actually don’t use powders, no matter how important an evening event might be ( ok, ok, apart from my recent new magnetic powder compact from Ellis Faas, that is really fine & light and doesn’t make my skin feel dry ), but will definitely consider giving this product a go in the future ).

In addition to that, Rose-Marie let us on a secret that she is working on a line of lipsticks but they probably wont be available for another year. In the meantime you can use her lip shines that combine nourishing oils and pure mineral pigments that actually hydrate your lips and offers extracellular antioxidant protection in several coloured shades.

We then learnt a bit more about living luminizer, which is ‘like nothing on the market’ as far as Rose-Marie is concerned and this comes from a woman who not only has done her research, but endlessly continues to learn more in order to create products that are perfect in their beautifying effect. When you use RMS Beauty luminizer, you actually see your own skin through it, it doesn’t look or feel like a mask. There is no uneven glitter ( just pigments made out of pure, raw, uncoated minerals ) that is so popular in many traditional eye shadows or primers. Rose-Marie and her chemist ( she uses a very small lab that is very experienced and strives for research and ingredient perfection ) who helps to develop her products, which only contain bio minerals. Some organic brands, which will remain nameless don’t have to guarantee the quality of their ingredients and this makes all the difference in the world. Because of that RMS mineral based make-up ‘doesn’t disappear’ off your skin, it lasts you through the day with the minimal amount of application. Of course, if you love a heavily made up look-we all are different and unique and so are our needs and desires and ideas of beauty-, this range might not satisfy your expectations.

We then moved on to talking about RMS Beauty cream eye shadow. Rose-Marie started by saying: ‘I am so dramatic !’ and went on to explain that the eye shadows that she created aren’t crease proof but (!) their don’t dry your skinand the area around our eyes, which is probably the most delicate on our face. RMS eye shadows work with the eyes and what’s important is that you need to apply it to a ‘dry’ eye, meaning that if you use an eye cream, you need to make sure it has been absorbed first. Rose Marie believes in applying the eye shadow (in one colour ) to all over the lid, contouring the eye. A good trick is to add a tiny dab of living luminizer in to the inner corner your your eyes ( you can use a little brush that Rose-Marie created specifically for that purpose ), instantly brightening them and giving you a more ‘wide-awake’ look. You can also add it along the brow bow to accentuate the eyes or around your cupids bow, to accentuate your lip and add a slight fullness or poutness to it or even to your collar bones, if you are wearing an off the shoulder top or dress and want to draw attention to your decollete.

Rose-Marie admits to ‘just being honest’ and I would imagine that it hasn’t made her life easier, working in a very glamorous, yet often treacherous world of beauty &  make-up. For example when she was talking about women who have ‘heavier eye lids’, she said that they are better off just accentuating their brow bone and blending things well. Her eye shadows are also popular with more mature women, as they ‘don’t sit on top of the skin’, which you do notice as you become older. Another great trick, that she learn from some of her clients, was to use eye shadows on your brows, as it ‘will add gloss and shine’. 

rms eyeshadow

When asked about mascara, she honestly admitted that in her view organic mascara doesn’t work and you find such a comment very refreshing, considering that she must have used many of them in her line of work  ( I sneakily did suggest my favorite d.j.v. Beautenizer fiberwig mascara to her, to which she said that she values Japanese cosmetics and the developments that take place in the Asian market, as they aren’t driven by trends but by finding solutions to skins problems ).

Our eyelashes are very delicate, so instead of using mascara, try nurturing them with oils like almond, olive or coconut-when we take mascara off, we ‘drag’ the delicate area and eye lashes suffer from it.

She also touched down on sun care and said that more often than not, it ends up ‘sitting in our fatty layers’. Humans do need Vitamin D in order to function well and not succumb to depression, so she does recommend trying to get 20 to 30 minutes a day outside, in the sunshine, as synthetic Vitamin D will never replicate the same effect and you will end up with a dark mood.

We learnt that she doesn’t use soap on her skin and doesn’t recommend scrubbing, as ‘it makes your skin to freak out’ instead suggesting Universal mask from Dr. Alkaitis, a well-known and scientifically researched brand, which is very active and contains plant digestive enzymes. She also added that she firmly believes that ‘less is more’ when it comes to skincare and make-up, as ‘the more you do to your skin, the more you unsettle it’. She added that ‘our face is the mirror to our gut’, so if you come out with pimples or other skin disturbances, the problem is very likely to be associated not just with your lifestyle, but with what you eat. 

A fairly recent launch and addition to RMS Beauty range is their beauty oil, which is while being light-weight and non greasy, is very highly concentrated ( it contains rare baruti oil, which comes from Brazil and is known for having one of the highest beta-carotene content ) and only contains high quality oils and rare herbal extracts. Rose-Maire didn’t want to use the ‘popular’ chamomile and lavender oils and her formula doesn’t contain water, as ‘water is where bacteria can breed’.  She suggests that you apply it on slightly damp skin, post shower.  This oil can also be used on your cuticles, body, nails and hair.

Listening to Rose-Maire was very engrossing and educational, we all laughed and enjoyed looking at this striking woman who is the testament to her own lifestyle advice and make-up line. Self-assured, yet self-depreciating, funny, but serious. She answered our questions, shared the applications techniques and I actually walked away armed with personalised advice on what shades of RMS Beauty products will work for my skin tone and face. I was inspired and educated in those two hours in equal measure, I learnt about the woman behind the brand and about her passions and aspirations that drive her curiosity and thirst for knowledge and at the end of the day, it’s women like her that help us make a difference to how we live our lives and what choices we make when it comes to our make-up.

To find our more about Rose-Marie Swift, go to or to buy products, go to

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