Cookery magic at The Marquis

I have always travelled widely with my parents while living in the UK but has been a little bit lazy since I got married. Not in terms of travel, but in terms of venturing our of London and looking for interesting places to stay or eat and it’s a great shame, because there are lots of precious jewels that are just waiting to be discovered. The Marquis in Kent in just one of those.

 The Marquis is hidden in the rolling hills of the valley (beware, the mobile reception can be bad at times!) and you feel like you are truly in rural England or even rural France (almost!). The hotel has five rooms (each individually decorated) and two cottages that overlook the vineyard (which are a further 5 minutes drive or a short walk) that can be rented. The staff is young and charming and the whole place just breaths ease and charm, so you do want to linger or stay instantly.

We had dinner with the kids on Sunday there and the food was delicious and the staff helpful with suggestions. Children chose to have Sunday roast and even though their portions were supposed to be ‘child’ size they were quite large- not that the kids had any complaints. Dare I mention that the size of Yorkshire pudding equalled the sun?

 Adults had starters and the main course and my girlfriend and I cleared our plate that had guinea fowl and truffled sausage with gusto-just this alone is worthy of the Marquis visit! Dessert was also a scrumptious affair and kids loved the cocktail of cranberry juice and elderflower cordial. The atmosphere is very laid back but the service is efficient so we are already planning our next visit and our friends have already ‘repeated’ the experience since our Sunday lunch together.

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