Cooltech fat freezing treatment at Waterhouse Young Clinic: Diary, weeks 2-6

It’s now been six weeks since I inhaled deeply and had the Cooltech fat freezing treatment at Waterhouse Young Clinic and I have to say that the result is slowly starting to show. But let me tell you a bit more about my progress thus far first.


Weeks two & three post treatment: my abs, where I had the treatment, felt somewhat numb but it didn’t prevent me from doing the usual things, nor did it get in the way of my working out ( I tried a Psycle class for example ). The area where I had the treatment done didn’t feel sensitive or painful and nor did I get much bruising. The first few days the treated area did feel numb but I didn’t find it discomforting.

I actually pondered for a while whether to up my exercise regime or not and then decided against it, as I actually wanted to see if my abs will look any different without me putting any extra effort in. I still had a full work/home schedule and my feet hardly touch the ground until the evening, when I position myself firmly in front of my laptop for a few hours. A week after the treatment I noticed that I started to feel bloated, which is quite unusual for me, so I e-mailed the clinic and was reassured that it has been reported by other people who had the treatment and in the coming few weeks things should settle down ( indeed it does resolve of its own accord by week five ).

I make sure I drink more water daily, to flush things out of my system and start taking Alpha Lipoic DMAE complex from Viridian, as well as Futurebiotics Lingonberry extract ( known for its antioxidant properties ), Organic Pharmacy liver & kidney drops and H3O Hydration from Rejuvenated, in addition to my usual supplements ( Organic Burst, Terranova Nutrition, Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend and Collagen Shots ), the day after I had the treatment, in order to offer my body additional nutritional support I think it needs.


As well as making sure I take the right supplements, to hopefully compliment the changes to my abdominal fat cells, I ‘dry’ skin brush every morning and massage Weleda’s Arnica Massage Balm into my abs twice a day to support my skin post-treatment.

Week Four: I think my waist area is starting to a look a little slimmer but not a 100% sure. My abdominal area feels less numb and somewhat firmer. Imagine the sensation you have the next day, after an intensive pilates class? Well, that’s what I am starting to feel every day and it makes me pull my abs in a little, as way of exercise. I drink more juices and coconut water-any excuse to pop into Roots & Bulbs and notice that somehow I consciously pause, if my hand wants to reach for a sweet treat.

I also swap Weleda’s balm for their Birch Cellulite Oil ( I am lucky not to have any but it smells greatly uplifting and makes my skin look nice and even ) and Caudalie Contouring Concentrate ( if you prefer to use the cream then try NuBo Laser Eraser Stretch Mark Intelligent solution, which I find works well on tightening the skin ).


Week Six: now I can definitely see that my abs, where my waist is, are tighter & a little more defined. There seems to be less fatty deposits there but the skin itself looks firm. I still have a tiny bit of numbness, but it is hardly noticeable on a day-to-day basis.

I go to Waterhouse Young Clinic for a check-up and get a smile and a nod from Anna, the clinic director, who confirms that my abs definitely look more streamlined than before-nice to know that my eyes aren’t deceiving me. I think my lower abs look a little flabbier compared to my upper abs, which tells me that the result of the treatment, is indeed starting to show. I am determined now to introduce planks into my daily routine & waiting to see what happens in a few weeks time, when hopefully the treatment result becomes more visible.

Thus far it’s been an interesting experience, which made me consider my nutritional choices with more thought, drink cold-pressed or home-made organic juices ( where vegetables, not fruit, dominate ) and eager to get back into fitness with the right motivation and a little bit of help on the initial result front.

Note two years later (2016): if it is a treatment you are considering spending money on, I would tell you to re-consider. Looking at my abs now, where I had the treatment, I can say that they haven’t improved long-term, due to the treatment, if anything, my lower abs ended up looking more ‘prominent’, compared to upper abs and shifting it took hard work and adjustments to my eating habits. Would I do it again? My personal answer, in retrospective, would be a firm ‘no’.

Cooltech treatment cost £800 per session at Waterhouse Young Clinic, located at 21 Devonshire street, London, W1G 6PB.

For further information or to book a consultation, which lasts approximately 30 mins, please contact Claire Berry on 07590507521 or email

The clinic can also put you in touch with one of their nurses if you have any questions prior to booking yourself in for a Cooltech treatment.

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