Craziness of life, remembering to breath and Paris

Last week was supposed to be easy, doing the errands, writing, amusing my son and visiting family and then on Thursday I was supposed to go to Paris! The visit was planned in advance, I had a ‘maybe’ coffee date with someone who I wanted to meet for a while, a romantic dinner booked, a ‘date’ with friends whom I haven’t seen for ages and a ballet evening with Baryshnikov (who I adore and the post on which I will write separately)….But as always, life had other ideas…..

The trip had to be cancelled and a trip to the hospital had to be made instead. Tiredness kicked in when things improved and then sadness creeped in, when I realised that the weekend isn’t going to turn out how I really wanted… But then I paused and thought to myself that whatever happens in life, happens for the better-this is very, very Russian philosophy by the way!- and things will get better. And you know what? Things did turn around.

I did go to Paris, if only overnight. I saw friends with whom we haven’t kept in touch for a while and now are building a new dialogue. We had a relaxed drinks in the bar and later I saw their kids, who I remember when they were babies. They are bigger now, beautiful and smart and funny and such a joy to be with.

A quick dinner at L’Avenue was very Parisian, with too laid back service which wasn’t annoying, a citron presse and a delicious pasta with morels in a creamy sauce was eaten with flourish while observing pretty waitresses and Jacques Chirac lounging in the corner of the restaurant with his small entourage-business or friends I don’t know but no one in the restaurant batted an eyelid or took pictures-Parisians are just beyond cool in their approach to politicians and celebrities alike, unlike gawking Brits.

 A consierge at the hotel told me to go to Chez Angelina, but as I was leaving the apartment of my friends they told me that another patisserie, called Carette was just a few steps away and I absolutely had to buy macaroons and eclairs there. I happily went and the relaxed atmosphere of an early afternoon that is so Parisian just enveloped me in a big hug.The place was busy with couples with babies, young women drinking hot chocolate, a gentlemen popping in to buy a few treats for themselves, or maybe someone special….I bought a big box of macaroons in flavours like caramel sale, pistachio, mandarin, rose, coffee and chocolate eclairs (a big thank you goes to my friends, as the chocolate in particular was divine-and tasted like a beautiful chocolate eclair should!-my eldest niece can confirm that), and various pasties that were all devoured when the family had a late dessert on Sunday evening.

So you see, the beginning can be bleak, but then the sun comes out, things turn around and life returns to happiness. You just have to appreciate it and know that a sad event is followed by a happy one. All you have to do is to believe and it will happen.

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