Craziness of the Russian oligarhs

I have just finished reading the November issue of Vanity Fair and while most of the articles left me indifferent, the one about beautiful and expensive (!) boats caught my attention, unfortunately, for the wrong reasons.

 Supposedly, the new boat owned by one of the Russian oligarhs, Roman Abramovich, called Eclipse, was launched last summer. It’s not the fact that it’s one of his many boats, it’s the fact that it supposedly cost between $400 and $800 million that doesn’t sit well with me.

There are plenty of countries around the world where corruption is rife and lots of  oligarch’s origination of riches can be questioned but the former Soviet rich take it to the next level. It’s the carelessness of spending by those people that goes beyond a normal human understanding. Only the person who has no true understanding of the value of money can go on such crazy sprees acquiring properties, boats and art among other things, around the world. Yes, Russians might not have had much but people cared more about each other and many were much happier in the past than they are now. We all know that money can buy a lot of things, but not happiness or a peace of mind or humanity or good taste. Many of the Russian super rich don’t care about the poor or the old or the sick, they don’t care about the future of their nation or their country as long as they can show off. Some choose to stay ‘off the radar’ but it’s doesn’t make them better or worse than their contemporaries. That is the sigh of our times and it’s sad and sickening in equal measure.

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