Crystal Bed Chakra Treatment review at Emma Cannon clinic

I have known Emma Cannon, acupuncturist, fertility specialist, mother of two and an accomplished book author for many moons. I saw her for acupuncture when I was expecting my daughter and my baby son had his first ever acupuncture session with her when he was a toddler. She is one of those calm life forces that listens and observes, then helps guide you in the right direction. Her clinics are always peaceful, yet vibrant in the energy that she imparts on them with creative flair. So when after doing a spiritual retreat in Brazil and trying a crystal bed treatment there, Emma brought the machine to her clinic and invited me to try it out, I didn’t have to be asked twice, jumping at the opportunity to try something that intrigued me.

On a rainy day & cold Monday I raced to Emma’s clinic in Chelsea’s Radnor Walk, looking forward to catching up with her. Climbing up the steps, I entered a serene room, with beautiful paintings, crystals, books, door knob tassels in vibrant colours and flowers that together make you feel like you are in someone’s cosy and warm home, rather than a clinic. A big hug from Emma only enhances that sentiment!

Time doesn’t change Emma’s beautiful face, with her huge eyes radiating wisdom when she looks at you. Dressed in her favourite (Marni) outfit, high platform wooden clogs, akin to those that Japanese geishas expertly wear on their tiny feet, with a beautiful flower necklace and ear hoops framing her earlobes, she comes across as a very modern bohemian. I settled into one of Emma’s comfortable rattan chairs by her work desk, my eyes swimming over the wall of cards and notes sent by women, whom Emma helped reach their dream of motherhood. You can’t help but smile at the joy emanating from babies and their parents on that board! Emma and I had a quick chat, with me observing with a giggle that both of us seem to be drawn to colour yellow when it comes to interior decorating (mind you, Emma manages to combine so many colours in her clinic, my eyes always widen in wonder at the vibrant atmosphere she creates, like God waving his wand and creating the beauty of nature).

When it comes to our health and well-being and taking responsibility for the factors that we do control, it helps to understand the functioning of our body’e energy system. Our aura has seven areas, called chakras in Sanskrit and translated as ‘wheel’, that work as depots for energy, related to certain organs in our bodies. Our aura is the result of interaction of two life forces – the cosmic, that is directed downwards, and the terrestrial, that goes upwards that cross each other in our bodies. The main purpose of each chakra is to transform the energy from those two forces, coupled with the energy that we get from things like food and human interaction, into the energy that our body, hopefully, puts to good use. The seven chakras in our bodies, in the descending order are Crown (violet), Third Eye (electric blue), Throat (light blue), Heart (green), Solar Plexus (yellow), Sacral (orange) and Base (red). it will be made even more interesting when you read about my experience with the Crystal bed below.

After Emma’s client left, she took me to another room, where she asked me to take my shoes and socks off and get comfortable on the treatment bed, as she positioned the crystal machine over my chakras. With the warmth of the bed lulling me to sleep, Emma asked me a few questions relating to my health, put a few needles into my hands and feet, turned the machine on, with crystals lighting up in pairs and left me to drift off in peace.

The chakra crystal bed allows Emma to work with bio-fields that have been long acknowledged in Ayurveda and yogic spiritual practises, but haven’t got wider recognition till the 1990s. The machine has seven crystals, each lighting up with a different light, according to your chakra. In each moment in time, two crystals light up, then go out, giving way to the next two, each coming through a specific way that the crystal was cut. Note to self – be careful not to rush when you get up post treatment, in order not to bump into the crystals sharp edge – but Emma will warn you about it .)

Our bio-fields are our first lines of protection, alongside our skin, from the negative impact of the environment that most of us live in, in busy cities, saturated with noise, pollution, environmental aggressors, radio waves and other factors that have a cumulative effect in how most of us feel emotionally. So while this particular treatment (you can have it on its own, but Emma recommends that it is combined with acupuncture and is particularly beneficial for women in their ‘lutteal’ phase or in ‘post transfer’ stage during the IVF, as it enhances the ‘accepting’ effect, as well as can help you feel protected and nurtured ) might not be for those of you who live in their head, rather than their heart, in time and with change, that comes on our highway journey called life, you might change your mind.

At the time when you feel vulnerable, overly dependent on something or someone, emotionally frustrated, this treatment can help you feel more in yourself, stronger, braver, calmer, or help your body be more ‘accepting’ during the process of getting pregnant, be it naturally or through IVF. This treatment is suitable to women of various ages, according to Emma, and works particularly well on parasympathetic part of our nervous system.

”The bed is made up of seven hand-carved clear quartz Brazilian precision Vogel cut crystals, all of which are carved out from one piece of crystal. Each of the Quartz Crystals has been cut to a specific frequency, a technique developed by the late Marcel Vogel. The crystals are suspended on individual arms from a stand above the therapy bed. These crystals are then aligned over the major chakras and pulsating coloured light is shone through them. As the colour relating to each chakra is transmitted through the crystal, the chakra is cleansed, energized, and brought into balance with all of the other chakras. This repairs and balances the human Biofield and allows the other aspects of our self, whether it is mental, emotional or physical to be brought into balance”.

As Emma left the room, initially I felt a slight buzz in my left ear – unobtrusive, but certainly peaking my attention, as I tried to settle on the bed, my eyes covered by a lavender pillow and music playing through the Sonos speaker. Now, to the part that might offer insights to the experienced and knowledgable of you, who are in tune the emotional core of your wellbeing – if you are a cynic, scroll down, as what I am about to describe will only make you chuckle and roll your eyes.

I started with seeing a white colour, that slowly, as my body ‘gave in’ and relaxed itself naturally into the treatment bed, gave way to blue and purple. I felt that I was floating on top of the lake, supported and gently caressed by the water, looking into the sky and clouds reflecting on my face. I felt calm and comfortable. Then some sad events from the past arose in my mind, but instead of feeling unsettled, I felt calm, peacefully acknowledged them and sent them away, in a puff of dark smoke.

Half and hour or so in, as I felt relaxed, listening to the changing musical soundtrack, my thought process slowed down to a trickle. Emma came in, checked in on me and my pulses and then told me she will let me be for another five to ten minutes. I savoured the music, a mix of Chinese and Brazilian melodies, medieval ballads and Pan Pipes of the Andes and then…. the treatment was over. Emma took the needles out, moved the machine out of my way and I was done. My face completely relaxed, my head almost devoid of thought, I exited into a busy crowd on the King’s Road and walked calmly towards the tube in my own privately calm bubble. This feeling lasted for the rest of the day, with me not raising my voice or feeling annoyed or frustrated, not even once. And when I came home and had a chance to re-read some of the books on chakras that I have, the colours that I was seeing and the issues that I have been struggling with or addressing lately made perfect sense.

In my opinion this is a treatment for those people who are in touch with their inner emotional compass, who trust their intuition, yet are always looking for answers and evolution of who they are on the emotional, as well as the physical level. Even if you are cynical, you might reach a state when you might be open to it. I didn’t have any specific expectations and Emma didn’t promise me anything specific, she just shared some things that I might experience, but it turned out to be a more meaningful, if not profound experience, that left me reflective on what such treatments, having been done regularly, can achieve. I haven’t tried a treatment like that in London, so if an opportunity arrises and you feel the need to nurture yourself on a spiritual, as well as physical level, give Emma a call!

To find out more about Emma, her clinic & treatments, please click here

The Crystal Bed Treatment is 30 minutes long, as a follow up session, but can be included as part of the Initial Consultation with Emma, if you need fertility related advice.

Emma’s Chelsea clinic is located at 15 Radnor Walk, London, SW3 4BP
London; opening hours: 8am-19:30pm during week days, Saturday 8am-13pm, closed Sundays. Bookings: 0203 8668958

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