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DSC03051Make-up makes us feel great and we start playing with it as soon as we can, be it with our mother’s treasures or with cheap kiddy ones. As we get older and can afford to buy our own, we go out to shops and indulge. However, what if you want something ‘niche’, not known to many, but delivering the results and giving you fun in front of the mirror?

I have been on many make-up and beauty sites but to be honest, I don’t go back to most of them. However, a few months ago I heard of the internet site called Cult Beauty from a friend of mine, who works in the beauty industry. My curiosity aroused, I browsed the site….and have stayed loyal.

Jessica DeLuca Moore, one of the founders of the company ( its internet site went live in June 2008 ) told me that she and her colleagues wanted to educate woman, to give them an honest information and to recommend the products that they believed in and that delivered results.

One often gets disappointed-after seing ads, buying the product and then realising that the product doesn’t work for you-but the money was spent and no refund is forthcoming. Women like Jennifer Aniston inspire us because she looks healthy, toned and glowing. That is why Jessica and the Cult beauty team rely on their ‘expert’ panel of well-known hairdressers, facialists, manicurists & foot experts, make-up artists etc. who know their products and can provide you with the right information in order to let you make informed choices.  

In the last few months I got several products that I would definitely recommend to you.

Ginvera Green Tea Marvel gel-removes dead skin & blackheads, very gently exfoliates your skin without irritating it and evens out the skin tone, among other benefits.

Kaplan MD clear treatment lip 20 moisture therapy +SPF-it sells out every time it is in stock, comes in different shades, plumps and moisturises your lips. Plus it tastes nice, so I keep on re-applying it.

Time Balm concealer-there are plenty of concealers on the market but many of them dry your skin and emphasise, instead of hiding, the shadows and lines. Not this one. It comes in different shades, hides the multitude or problems and feels very moisturising, when you put it on with the applicator sponge enclosed. It is also quite compact, so you can put it in your pocket or make-up bag, when travelling.

Davines De Stress Musli & Yogurt shampoo-I am always on the lookout for a great shampoo, that treats the sculp, manages the hair and makes it shiny & healthy (in addition to good diet, of course). This one ticks all of the above.

Tara Smith base coat serum-this one was recomended to me by Jessica. I was ‘moaning’ to her via e-mail about my fly-away hair and she offered me a possible solution. Demi Moore tweeted about it, when this product line was launched. It smeels nice, is made with natural & organic ingredients, gets ‘tested on film stars not on animals’, but most importantly it does make your hair look more groomed and it only costs £5.

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