Daily saviour

LPOI kept on hearing about Lucas’s papaw ointment for years-I kidd you not (!)-but for some unfathomable reason never got down to trying it……..

Recently having ordered presents for my girlfriends, I decided to ‘treat’ myself and ordered a pot of the above named ointment for myself-by far the cheapest beauty item on my shopping list that day .) Disappointed I wasn’t!

It works on almost every small skin complaint-cracked lips, cuticles, dry patches, splinters-the list can go on for a while. It sorted the dryness of my son’s cheeks almost overnight and my husband’s problem of the cracked skin close to one of the nails on his finger-supposedly very painful-quite quickly too.  Australians are very proud of this miracle treat and carry it with them everywhere-it works on both adults and kids, which is extremely handy, especially when you travel-all-in-one rescue balm (which tastes quite nice too) for many household mishaps. A definite add on for my medicine cabinet !

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