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Like any woman worth her femininity, I am impartial to a lipstick that enhances my natural lip colour during the day or helps to brighten my mood and complexion when I crave an element of glamour. As too many lipsticks on my bathroom shelf can testify, I buy them even when I have plenty of colours to play with – they are way cheaper than a new pair of shoes or a bag. My life is driven by curiosity but with the constant stream of new product launches, some become too tempting not to try, so when Rouge Bunny Rouge launched Dazzling Sip Tinted Lip Balm in three shades I was eager to test.


Balms are popular right now, be it for the body, face or lips but it all comes down to a personal preference. I recently tried a tinted lip balm from Bourjois and found it too sticky and disliked its taste on my lips so much, that I wiped it off almost straight away – sadly a waste of money on that occasion. Just before Rouge Bunny Rouge balms arrived, I ended up pondering whether I actually preferred lip glosses (rarely, as most are too sticky or gloopy. Notable exception include W3LL People & Vapour glosses that offer great colour choices, taste nicely, nurture the lips and don’t contain nasties that you ends up ingesting), lipsticks ( for me the choice depends on factors like smell, texture, taste, list of ingredients, as well as the shape, as I tend to apply lipstick directly from the tube and not with the lip brush ), lip crayons ( handy for applying and re-applying when in a rush in terms of precision & Ilia ones deliver in spades ), lip shine or tint (the ones from RMS Beauty and Tata Harper are unbeatable for me personally, I simply adore them) or lip balms ( they seem to nurture lips well, particularly during cold weather spells ). Finally, three beauties landed, in their matt outer packaging and slim black bullitt packaging – but I was determined to be more difficult to win than by a simple click of the top.


RBR Tinted Luxe Balm is a combination of non-invasive lip treatment with a choice of three beautifully luminous colours (Pinch of Nude, Specks of Cerise & Sip of Pink, as can be seen in the image above, from left to right ). What you can expect from this lip balm is to get plumping and intensely moisturising formula that is also delicately-scented. As we get older, our lips start to lose not just volume but colour, so when Rouge Bunny Rouge was developing this product they were focussed on addressing those issues. According to the information sent to me by Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘the Tinted Luxe Balm is based on a powerful active complex designed to bring back the original volume within four weeks of daily use, all while smoothing fine lines, nourishing and brightening the skin. The formula contains an Ecocert-approved, patented active complex, derived from natural Sunflower oil that intensely hydrates and softens‘. In addition you will find a unique blend of oils, waxes and state-of-the-art pigments in the list of ingredients that together create an inimitable glossy sheen and a lovely, flattering brightness of colour.

SYM 3D: recreates the natural lip shape & helps minimise lines & wrinkles

Cadelilla Cera: helps the ease of application, holds moisture, improves lip skin texture, helps protect lips from the elements

This product is not natural or organic (nor does it claim to be, taking pride in exactly what it is, a beautifully poetic and eloquent lux brand that engages with its customers in a dialogue) but when I choose which products to use, I choose them on balance and often compare natural and mainstream products.


One of the things that we all pay attention to when it comes to choosing the lip product, is how well is stays put, without drying the lips. Often you have to reapply the lip product, whether natural or not and what I noticed with those RBR  balms is the following:

– they feel ‘light’ on your lips & glide on easily

– they taste nice but don’t have the ‘addiction’ factor, which makes you lick your lips and re-apply the product often

– they have nice staying power ( I can easily wear it for hours without reapplying ).


Rouge Bunny Rouge Make-Up Artist Tips:

1) To make lips soft & fuller, use daily for at least four weeks

2) Can be worn on its own or layered under your favourite lipstick or gloss: have fun experimenting with shades and textures

3) Apply the nude shade as a treatment and base at the beginning of your makeup to prime your lips

4) Use the ‘Pinch of Nude’ shade as a night treatment for super soft lips when you wake up

5) Frame your lips with a ‘Pinch of Nude’ shade of Rouge Bunny Rouge lip pencil to enhance the lasting power of the tinted luxe balm


I shared one of the shades, the Sip Of Pink, with a friend and she drew similar conclusions to mine. Those balms offer subtle coverage, that you can build up, they stay put, they moisturise, rather than dry lips and you don’t have to re-apply them often.


On balance, compared to other lux brands ( Clinique, for example ) who offer lip balms or similar textured products, I personally prefer this on balance of the factors that I have already mentioned above. So my dear Rouge Bunny Rouge Dazzling Sip, welcome to my lipstick bathroom section.


Verdict & disclosure: I was sent those three balms by the Rouge Bunny Rouge team but will buy them myself, once I run out.

For more information on Rouge Bunny Rouge and its products, please click here

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