de Mamiel Spring Facial Oil-my liquid sunshine in a bottle

Oils have been used all over the world for centuries to nurture skin, hair, nails, bodies and yet, many women I know are reluctant to use them, convinced that they will make their skin look and feel greasy. Well, with all due respect, let me explain why I disagree.

I have been using face and body oils for a few years now and while not all of them are made equal-in my view a lot depends on the quality of oils and the energy and skill of the practitioner who mixes them- some oils are exquisitely special and the latest launch from Annee de Mamiel, will be my case in point here.


Annee’s name has been popping on my radar for a while and we have at least one good mutual acquaintance, yet we haven’t met in person so far. People who used to see Annee for treatments at Home House in the past always talked highly of her, yet did so in hushed tones, almost afraid that other people will learn their secret. But Annee not only does treatments ( currently practising at Beauty a La Carte when in London ), she makes seasonal face oils and her latest, spring facial oil is launching in the UK on March 20th. Luckily for you, my dear readers, I have been using it for about a month now and even though spring’s arrival has been slow, my skin feels and looks grateful already.


The oil itself looks like liquid sunshine-a rich, amber like yellow with a hint of chestnut. It has a gentle smell of sun and flowers, so it not only works on your skin, it has a deep effect on you via your senses. The oil, contained in the dark glass bottle, in order to best preserve its contents, is hand blended and packs a powerful punch of antioxidants and Omegas that will help to rejuvenate your pasty skin after the harsh winter and give it the much needed-and welcomed, might I add !!- glow.


Oils of:

juniper ( detoxifying ),

grapefruit ( revitalises & uplifts the senses ),

lavender ( relaxing and healing for the skin ),

geranium ( helps to lift the spirits and balances the skin ),

thyme ( powerful antiseptic and very beneficial for immunity in general ),

rosemary ( stimulating for mental clarity & stiffness of muscles ),

clary sage ( great nerve tonic ),

spikenard ( anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory ),

lemon myrtle ( boosts body’s natural defences & purifies skin ),

rice bran ( powerful protection for the skin ),

chickweed ( anti-inflammatory ),

meadowfoam seed ( greatly penetrative oil, due to its tiny molecular particles ),

calendula extract ( soothes & heals the skin, has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ),

arctic blackcurrant ( skin rejuvenating and full of Omegas 3 & 6 ),

milk thistle ( rich source of linoleic acid ) and

spearmint ( anti-septic and calming properties )

work in conjunction with each other, creating a complimentary blend to restore the skin and ease it into the new season.

This year Annee also added flower essences into the equation, including Luffa ( helps to shift the toxins and assists skin rejuvenation ), Tansy & Blackberry ( to help you focus your thoughts-in my case, on doing a thorough spring clean of my home and professional life ), Dandelion ( to calm & center ) and Grapefruit ( to release facial tension-I like to massage the oil into my jaw line, with a gentle pinching action ). Flower essences are great in accessing our body meridians and helping us focus and move forward from a cold season into a warmer, gentle one, where things are born and bodies re-awaken-just look around and see if you can spot someone kissing-not that many people did that during the gloom of winter outside .)


You can use this oil both in the morning and at night, by during my trial, I used it only in the evening and it really made me feel like I was having a proper ‘me time’, in the sanctity of my own bathroom. Using the dropper you need to ‘release’ four or five drops of oil into the palm of your hand ( or on the tips of your fingers ) and smooth it all over your face and neck, from the centre out. Annee then advises on ‘pausing for a minute or two, cupping your hands over your mouth and nose and breathing in deeply for a count of three, then slowly releasing and exhaling on the count of five’.

This oil is very easily absorbed by the skin and as springtime is the time for renewal, make this oil part of your skincare routine, make a fresh start if you haven’t used a face oil before and if you have, well try it and see if it lives up to your expectations. In my case, I didn’t have expectations, I had an open mind and what I got is the oil that offers me duality, to address my skin’s needs and to help me breath deeper, to relax, to enjoy the moment of renewal and rejuvenation, not just for my face, but for my mind as well. And if you get that connection right, well, you are a happy person on a right path of life.

de Mamiel Spring Facial oil, 20 mls, £60 available from March 2oth via

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