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I don’t like saying unkind things on most occasions, as I think it’s more prudent and smart to just bite your tongue, than toTatler make senseless enemies where there is no need to, but when I bought a December issue of UK Tatler yesterday I just couldn’t help myself……

Tatler is like an institution and having bought it every month for years, it kind of shows my commitment to this publication, right? Well, let’s just start with Anna Friel on the cover (the woman who was supposedly called theatrical viagra by none other that the artistic institution that is Jack Nicholson). I am sorry but Rankin, I love your art form, I admire your photography, precision and skill, but this picture does no favour to the woman and neither does it show her in the advantageous light, quite the opposite in fact…. Anna Friel doesn’t look cute and sexy but grotesque and either she had  plastic surgery with a very unsuccessful result or her make-up is completely wrong. When I saw her picture on p.186 I felt sad and if it was the result of my own photoshoot, I would have crawled into a ball and cried…..

Kate Reardon, a talented woman with years of experience in the industry, how can you produce such an issue and a Christmas one at that? I secretly criticise Russian editions of Vogue and Tatler because very often they are simply tacky and their content hails people who I certainly wouldn’t aspire to, so for a British version to turn out like that?

It got worse with the feature ‘The things you can do with an iPhone’ as Marylin so famously said: ‘I just LOVE finding new places to wear diamonds….’. Pages 88, 92 and particularly 96 and 98-to say that what I saw was cheap and tacky would be an understatement-it demeans the women and it is not sexy at all! I often see images in glossies that inspire me,  making me long to look like a person in a photo shoot because the emotion is so sexy or poetic or romantic or fun or so colourfully vivid, I wish I had a talent to take and set up such incredible pictures-this issue of Tatler made me cringe and think that I don’t understand the reasons behind it at all. Instead of celebrating sexy and smart women this issue makes a parody of women and their assets. So much for the Christmas cheer….

p.s thankfully, there is always balance in our world, so do get your hands on the November issue of American Vogue-I loved every page of it and the front cover of the yet not too known Rooney Mara (and one doesn’t have to have a crystal ball to say that her profile will rise exponentially as soon as the American version of ‘The girl with the dragon tattoo’ comes out with her and Daniel Craig) is just perfectly beautiful.

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  1. Thankfully there are Journalists like Liz Jones and Galina Atchkassova-Portianoi who are prepared to tell it as it is.
    It’s about time womens magazines stopped airbrushing the words as well as the photographs.

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