Design inspiration from Lonny

Visuals can be very inspiring, the sky, the glint of sunshine on the water, a shade of grass after the rain, a beautiful turquoise vase or lavender fields in Provence-the list can be endless. For me design is a bit of a magic place, I am fascinated by it and greatly admire people who have creative flare for it. I love interior design books for inspiration for my own living spaces but an American online magazine Lonny goes beyond that.

I came across their site incidentally, last year and with every issue-the current one is Number Four (April/May 2010)I am falling deeper in love with their ideas, interiors and certain products. It also helps that there is a James Nares painting on the current issue, as I simply adore his paintings-if anyone wants to gift me one I will be most grateful .)

Lonny gives its readers access to design via online site, thus directly connecting then to products and resources. The online magazine covers living and dining rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms, kitchens and work spaces among other things. You get glimpses into the lives of well-known and not-so-well known people, who share their inspirations and ideas thus getting your own creative juices flowing and giving you food for thought. A highly addictive pleasure!

P.s. Not only is Lonny a visual delight and available online, it’s viewing is free! Well at least for now but you can make donations, if you want to.

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