Do you judge people on how they look ?

It’s a question all of us should ponder. How many times have you looked at the person, be it a man or a woman or sometimes even a teenager and made a snap judgement, simply based on how they looked or were dressed? When I read a post from Sallie Felton ( who is a life-coach, radio host and author ) today, published on PositivelyPositive site, I really related to what she was saying because I have been in situations similar to the one Sallie talks about, yet I didn’t kick myself in order not to pass the judgement, while Sallie did.

She taught me a great lesson that I will start integrating into my life as of today, because having pre-concieved ideas about people holds us back, stops interesting opportunities from arising and makes up narrow-minded. Isn’t it time we all made a conscious effort to send out good vibes into the world and to each other ?

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