Dr. Alkaitis and Ren products

RenMy bathroom shelves are crammed with products but gradually I seem to be shifting towards ‘cleaner’ products. I still have many well-known non-organic brands and don’t for a moment think that I have gone new age all of a sudden, but not being 20 anymore .)  having kids, leading a hectic life and keeping an eye on things around me and in the world, one starts looking for comfort and for things that are actually good for you and for your body in the long term.

Recently I went and had a facial with a holistic practitioner Abigail James-a separate post on her facial to follow-who tends to use brands like Dr. Haushka (I know many people who love it but for some reason it doesn’t work for my skin), Ren and Dr. Alkaitis, the latter I have never heard of and it almost instantly peaked my curiosity.

Abigail told me that it is a Hungarian brand and it uses only natural ingredients-she used the brand’s mask universelle on me and it was quite something! It is full of green veggies ( that are wonderful for your skin, which is freshly made (i.e the powder got mixed by Abigail there and then, with water and honey and painted on my face). As I seem to be getting a little bit of redness on my cheeks lately-thank you ‘lovely’ weather !- Abigail suggested Dr. Alkaitis organic soothing gel (you can buy it from Lost in Beauty in Primrose hill, a pretty and girly boudoir like shop, where Abigail does her treatments on Wednesdays), which contains wild fennel, rosemary, sea oak, red seaweed, natural vitamin B (from yerba mate and chlorella) and C (from acerola cherry and camu camu). This formulation calms and refreshes the irritated or sensitive skin and its ingredients are 100% active-even though it does contain organic grape alcohol, it doesn’t sting and can also heal sun damage after sunbathing or be used post waxing.

Having toyed with Ren products before (mainly thanks to my girlfriend Yana who gave me a big box of its products for my birthday) and inspired by my facial with Abigail, I went and bought Ren’s hydra-calm cleansing milk, which contains omega 3 and 7, fennel seed and calendula extracts and calms, soothes and cleans your skin without letting it be dry-the skin on the face does feel very soft to the touch after you use it-initially wash it off with warm water and finish with splashing with some cool water, before patting the face dry.

It is spring but the weather still changes and our bodies are a bit run down, so skin will thank you for the good, natural ingredients that you will bestow on it during the time when the body feels somewhat fragile after winter’s hibernation-remember, small changes can lead to a big difference!

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