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Over the years it became the norm for brands to launch new products one after another simply because retailers expected the newness to keep things fresh. However like economy, product development works in cycles and launching too many too often is starting to lose its appeal. Be it for the consumer who is never satisfied and always wants more, or for the planet, which quietly groans with every new beauty launch. British brand d’still has been about conscious curation and purposeful ingredient combination from day one thanks to the grounding mindset of its founder Ula Blocksage. Miracle Balm launch makes d’still a product family of four.

Pausing for a miracle: d’still balm

I was meant to feature Ula’s latest creation in my July Newness post, but after sending Ula some questions, I decided to spotlight the product all by itself. It might be small, but it certainly is mighty. A concentrated all-in-one, you can use this product on your lips and skin – and not just on the face, but body too. In essence Ula wanted to create a product that combines restorative barrier benefits with soothing and hydrating qualities. A little pot, a multitude of uses.

there when you need it

Ula, like Wim Hoff, loves the restorative power of swimming and does it all year round, which understandably has its drawbacks when it comes to delicate skin. Something that started as twinkling with ingredients to create a product to protect her own skin, ended up being a bigger & gutsier endeavour.

GAP: What inspired you to launch Miracle balm?

Ula Blockage: Miracle Balm was originally formulated to help heal the cracked and swollen fingers that my fellow cold water swimmers were experiencing during the coldest swimming months of the year. When you exit the freezing sea waters, your body temperature has inevitably dropped and so when it starts to warm up again (and if it does so rather quickly), the skin on the hands and in particular around the knuckles can begin to swell and in turn split. So I created Miracle Balm as a healing, barrier repair treatment to be used on any areas of the skin that need some extra help in healing. It works beautifully for chapped lips, peeling cuticles, as well as a long list of other uses, such as setting eyebrows and moisturising dry elbows – which come as a great bonus. 

d’still beauty

GAP: What in your opinion makes Miracle Balm stand out from other lip balms or face balms?

Ula Blocksage: Miracle Balm is not your everyday lip/face balm…. it is a multi-purpose beauty balm containing a concise list of botanical extracts, ingredients and actives specifically chosen for their healing benefits. It is the beauty balm I had always hoped existed… one that can be applied to any area of skin, whether that be lips, body or face to help nourish and repair a compromised skin barrier. It is essential-oil free so is perfect for people with sensitive skin, yet it still has the most beautiful vanillary, spicy scent. 

GAP: Why did you incorporate Pomegranate Sterols?

I knew very early on in the formulation process that I wanted to find a 100% natural ingredient that was similar in structure to petroleum jelly. Petroleum is very good at healing chapped and cracked skin, yet it is an ingredient that we steer clear of at d’still. Pomegranate sterols are regarded as a natural replacement to synthetic petroleum. They are capable of increasing natural moisture levels in the skin, whilst enhancing barrier function to protect against free-radical damage and environmental stressors. We also love them as they work to boost cell regeneration through Increasing circulation.   

precious nurture of d’still miracle balm

When the little brown box landed in my hands a few weeks ago, I thought to myself that it was smaller than I expected – if compared to other skin balms. It felt dainty in the hand and its scent made me think of a secret sweet treat you might save for a rainy day or when feeling a bit down and in need of cheer. A combination of ceramides, sodium hyaluronate and pomegranate sterols, once you apply it to lips, you want to bring the same comfort and nurture to other face and body parts. There is elegance about this product that also makes you feel that it’s precious too.

A beautifully indulgent & essential-oil free formula of this product makes sure the balm is quickly absorbed by the skin and gets to work on maintaining moisture, as well as reinforcing the natural lipid barrier of the skin. This might be taken for granted if you have a no problem, content skin, but it will bring comfort to skin that feels a bit compromised or in need of nourishment with a light touch. I also tried it on a nose of a friend, who was sneezing due to hay fever during our recent work catch-up in the park. She later reported that the skin around the nostrils felt better even in the evening, when normally it might look red and feel angrily inflamed.

d’still miracle balm ingredient list

D’still Miracle Balm is a product that brings both enjoyment to the senses and comfort to the skin. Whether its an area on your face or body that craves the extra attention – the balm also works well on cuticles and dry elbows – the little pot will quickly get to work when needed. You can also tap it on your cheekbones or apply under the orbital bone. The miracle balm will act as your own personal Prince Charming – whenever you need one at your service .) Just don’t lose it from your sight, when put into the depth of your Mary Poppins-like bag!

To learn more about d’still or to purchase a product, please click here (this is not an affiliated link)

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