‘Early summer’ catalogue from The White Company

It’s the middle of April but the weather is breezy at best, so you layer the clothes on, as opposed to shedding them and dream of the warmth of summer…..As I was gloomily contemplating venturing out to do the errands the postman shoved my mail through the letterbox, which landed with an audible thud on the mat. On top of a small pile I saw the latest brochure from The White Company and the the sub-line ‘Early summer’ instantly peaked my attention. I made myself a cup of coffee in the cafetiere and perched on top of the chair, ready to browse……


One would say it’s only a catalogue but I would beg to differ-if it was just that, it wouldn’t have put a spring in my step when I finished looking through it-and no, filter coffee doesn’t work that quick! Whether writing, playing with the kids or cooking dinner, I had a happy feeling for the rest of the day, thinking of the great pictures and lovely designs, paying attention to textures and even some colour other than white making an appearance when it comes to kids PJs.

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