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One might struggle to find a variety in organic cosmetics to put on baby’s skin while living in the UK (ok, the situation is slightly better than 10 years ago, but still…..) but when your baby goes from being a toddler to pre-teen, what do you use on their skin to keep them well-moisturised and nurtured naturally, as skin is our biggest organ?

A girlfriend of mine who lives in Moscow recently mentioned a brand called eco.kid that her son loves, so I got in touch with the company that is Australian in origin and as far as I am concerned, with the strong sun and all kinds of bugs there, people who developed this range must know their staff pretty well. For example, did you know that kids skin and scalp produces six times less oil than adults one? Neither did I until I read the information on their site. 

Eco.kid made sure that their range, suited to children aged 3 to 12, is organic, healthy and effective and contains no nasty staff, like sulphate, parabens or other artificials. There are products for hair/scalp, for protection against bugs, for the body and soon to be launched for the face (coming in June) within the eco.kid brand.

When I e-mailed eco.kid in Australia within 24 hours my details were forwarded to the company’s official UK distributor, Salon Promotions and I was able to place the order. So far I tried Potion lotion (i did find the smell a little strong but the kids don’t mind at all) which contains Kakadu plum, which is rich in Vitamin C and helps to hydrate and nourish children’s skin. The formulation is a ‘ looser’ consistency than many moisturising creams for babies but it seems to work nicely and sinks in almost instantly, plus babies skin, of course, is different from your toddlers and especially from a pre-teen.

Eco.kid’s hair products are geared towards preventing a very big problem, especially when kids start going to school-head lice.ecokid2 We all either came across this problems ourselves or heard about it from friends, so the brand’s motto that prevention is better, definitely gets my vote. I bought Bubbalicious smooth protection paste and style my kid’s hair with it-he calls it ‘gum and loves the whole process’. It smells great and make his hair look cool too.

And then of course, there is eco.kid’s bug-a-bug spray, which as far as I am concerned is a summer must. I have noticed in the last few years that there seems to be more mosquitoes, wherever you go in Europe in the summer, compared to a few years ago and those biting nasties particularly love to bite our little ones, so I am not taking chances and got the spray for my best friend’s kids too- i haven’t tested it yet but I am already giving it my vote of confidence-after all, Australians do know their bugs.

It is also worth noting that Salon Promotions staff (thank you Linsay ! ) are knowledgeable about this range and dispatch orders promptly and efficiently-my package even contained a cute soft duck as a little thank you for the order.

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