Eczema solutions

More and more people seem to be developing skin conditions and many are blaming the environment we live in. Paediatricians will also tell you that kids skin problems are on the rise too, which is even more distressing for children and their parents.

I have a few friends who have eczema and in a couple of cases it’s their kids who have it, even though  it doesn’t run in the family. The straightforward solution is to go to the GP or paediatrician, get examined and receive various prescriptions for strong moisturisers or steroid creams.

Personally, I am not a fan of steroid creams when it comes to children-even though it does help, I must say. I have spoken to my local pharmacist, who is not only a lovely man but a very knowledgeable pharmacist too. He recommended the product directly below, as an option to hydrocortisone cream.

The first thing that will definitely sort you or your child out is called ‘Eumovate Ointment’ and you can get it on prescription. It does contain clobetasone butyrate but it also has soft and liquid paraffin in its formulation. It is very potent and one shouldn’t use it for longer than a week but it does get the results quickly, without drying the skin unlike hydrocortisone in some cases.

In terms of natural solutions there are two, for which I can vouch. The first one is the bath oil by Aveeno, which contains oats and is deeply moisturising, which is a god’s scent when it comes to eczema, as often your skin is not only dry but itchy too. Another solution is ‘ECZ-Easy calendula & plantago soothing balm’ by Inlight, which is particularly lovely for kid’s skin. It works really well and it dampens the redness and dryness of eczema (you can buy it via Victoria’s Health site).

Whatever option you choose, don’t despair, try different things and see what works for you, as we are all so individual.

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