Elle UK first male cover-are you a fan ?

Elle UK July edition hit the newsstands earlier this week but it has been discussed and twitted about for a while now, as Elle was planning to do a first of its own-put a male star on its cover. The male star is question was none other than David Beckham.

In my opinion, Elle UK is a great publication that has its own path and pushes its own envelope-it’s edgy without being overwhelming and I find surprises and interesting angles on things in every issue.


Am I a fan of David Beckham ? While I don’t dislike him, I don’t care much about him either, his footbal skills or his celebrity. It must be very hard for his wife, Victoria Beckham-a woman, a fashion designer and a celebrity in her own right, to see such crazy adulation of her husband and the journalist who interviewed David, Alice Wignall, is no exception here-gushing and behaving slightly love-struck.

I greatly admire a couple who stays together for many years for all the right reasons, raises kids and works hard and travels a lot. As a married couple they have faced many challenges and survived them with dignity. They are raising four children. Victoria is building and expanding her fashion empire, while David continues his football career and represents UK’s sporting and Olympic interests around the world. I am sure he is a hero for many people, especially patriotic Brits, but personally, seing a fit but tattoed ( I would go on record to say that David Beckham does indeed have a very nice, indeering smile, that lights his eyes ) man on the cover of Elle, even if it is David Beckham, doesn’t move or inspire me. I possibly would have been moved more if it was a joint Victoria and David cover…..

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