Elle’s interview with Jonathan Saunders

I have just finished reading Rebecca Lowthorpe‘s interview with the British designer Jonathan Saunders in April’s Elle UK and I have to say that it is one of the most frank, all encompassing and very touching interviews with a fashion designer than I have recently read. It’s all too easy to think that people working in fashion, designers in particular, lead this easy, celebrity lifestyle where champagne flows and flashbulbs pop, yet with every season demands on designer’s talent increase, past success gets forgotten and you have to prove yourself with every single collection again and again. Jonathan Saunders success was and is determined but his hard work, human ethic, belief in himself and past tragedies, which probably helped to shape the man that he is, loyal, honest and talented.

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  1. I cannot agree more and this story brings out the human and real side and price of getting into the fashion world. To be successful does not mean to be talented only, it’s a lot of work, faith and perseverance which not many could see. Glamor is just the end product.

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