Ellis Case from Ellis Faas-a solution for a practical woman

ELLIS FAAS Compact Powder already has a loyal following around the world because it is wonderfully light and transparent, while feeling creamy to the touch. Made with seaweed extract, the ELLIS FAAS Compact Powderkeeps skin soft and supple-and if you keep your eye on the make-up trends, you will know that powder never really goes out of fashion and is perfect for mattifying the face and acting as the final touch that makes your make-up look pristine.


This weekend, ELLIS FAAS launches the portable solution called the Ellis Case for everyone who wants to use the powder, but doesn’t have the Ellis Holder. Just put the powder godet into the Case and a light magnet holds it in place. When it’s empty, it can easily be taken out and replaced by a new one and the top part of the Case has a built-in mirror to help you see where you need to powder yourself or even check whether your lipstick needs to be re-applyed. 



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