Ellis Faas & help War Child initiative

Recently I received something from Ellis Faas that I wanted to share with you. Who said you can’t be beautiful and charitably consious at the same time? 

and help us to help War Child
Ever since the first ELLIS FAAS products were released, people have been telling us “It is such a shame to throw away your beautiful pens once they’re empty.” Therefore, we have come up with a programme ‘Make Up Not War’ that gives a second life to our pens, unburdens the environment, and last but certainly not least, gives us a chance to raise money for a terribly good cause: War Child – Warchild.org.
We have set up a system to get back as many used pens as possible. Visual artists (locally and internationally well-known sculptors, fashion designers, photographers, industrial designers…) will then be asked to create a unique work of art using the pens. These works will be exhibited and then auctioned off. The proceeds will go directly to War Child. So we are calling on everyone to help us to help War Child, by returning the used ELLIS FAAS pens. Details can be found on ELLISFAAS.com.

In the vision of War Child sound psychosocial conditions for children and youth are prerequisite to being able to create a peaceful society. When children grow up in a safe, stable environment where their rights are not violated, the chances are that they will grow into well-balanced grown-ups. As such they will be able to avoid or resolve conflict situations in the future. Therefore the aid of War Child is aimed at improving the psychosocial wellbeing of children, to bring together groups of children separated by war and to draw attention to problems, needs and rights of children in war-affected areas.

War Child’s goal is the empowerment of children in and from war-affected areas, by means of:
– Psychosocial programmes using creative arts and sports to strengthen the psychological and social development and wellbeing of children;
– Creative arts and sports programmes aimed at uniting children driven apart by war, in order to contribute to a peaceful society;
– Creating public awareness of and generating support for the plight of children in war zones.



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