ELLIS FAAS: make-up artistry

For most of us make-up is part of our every day life but pause and consider it as an art form for a moment, the way many make-up artist approach it. There is so much inspiration behind it, so many cultural references and history.


When I recently received a copy of the new book ‘On the edge of beauty’ by renowned make-up artist ELLIS FAAS I knew that I would find a vibrant feast of colour and imagination, having met her before and seen her at work. Ellis is passionate about many things and constantly draws inspiration from around herself, pushing her imagination further and creating new frontiers. ‘On the edge of beauty’ is a book showcasing the looks that many of us won’t dare to wear but they would always make an impact on the club scene or the catwalk, where the creative power forces are more daring by nature.


When I first tried Ellis’s make up I wondered about the shape of her products ( to this day I remain impressed by their sleekness ) but it seems that there is a perfectly logical explanation. The products look and feel like a pen in your hand and I feel comfort when I hold one ( call me old-fashioned but on most occasions I prefer a pen to typing on my computer when it comes to personal sentiments ).


When I use Ellis’s concealer or foundation or apply my lip colour I feel almost like a painter but a make-up artist Joseph Esturo makes a very compelling case in the video below for giving it a go and using your make-up to crate beautiful canvases on paper, indulging your creativity and nurturing an artistic side, while enjoying the moment of quite reflection.

For more information about ELLIS FAAS and her products, please click here 

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