Ellis Faas February mascara offer

While personally I don’t use mascara every day, instead ‘saving’ it for special occasions, I do think that a good mascara enhances the beauty of our eyes. The secret lies in choosing the one that won’t clog your eyelashes but will ‘open up’ your eyes.

Ellis Faas creative team decided to dedicate the month of February to the eyelash beauty and their mascara is a good case in point. Why, would you ask?


Well, Ellis Faas is so confident that customers won’t be disappointed, that from February onwards, they are rolling them out on the beauty counters at ALL Sephoras in the US ! In London, the mascara will be part of Liberty’s Beauty Lottery and for online customers, who have never tried Ellis Faas mascara before, they have a special Valentine offer that if the customer doesn’t like her mascara, she can return it ( proves Ellis Faas team’s conviction how good it is! Of course this only counts for items bought via ELLISFAAS.com ).

But the most important and relevant answer to “why?” is that Ellis Faas mascara is one of the best. It has creamy texture and the brush that effectively coats, lengthens and separates each eyelash. You can use one coating or layer it up, if you want a more dramatic look ( mascara comes in two shadesblack and milk chocolate ( aka brown ). And personally, I love Ellis Faas packaging-unique, stylish, practical and sexy…I sometimes stick it ‘geisha’ style in my hair and float out of the door, ready to be dancing my night away.


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