Ellis Faas skin, eyes & lips

EFI am always keen to keep an eye on the cosmetic brands developed by make-up artists. They do the shows, know the trends and have a pretty good idea about what makes us, women, look good and help us enhance our features. My personal favourites are Bobbi Brown (she makes women look beautiful and natural at the same time), Gucci Westman (looking at her makeovers I just want to smile in admiration) and Pat Macgrath (her creativity goes beyond the term genius), so the name Ellis Faas was new to me.

Ellis was born in Amsterdam, studied in Paris and works all over the world. She was initially hired by the legendary Mario Testino (who is also the sweetest man with the most wonderful wit and sense of humour). Later she was introduced by Emmanuelle Alt, a wonderfully chic French fashion editor, to Karl Lagerfeld, which led to very special collaborations.

Ellis Faas Human Colours collection is based around the human palette as its inspiration. Her make-up is on sale at Liberty’s for now and I must warn you that when I was there to have a look at the products and textures the girl, responsible for the Ellis Fass make-up, was on an extended break and I never got to talk to her.

In any casae I must say that the packaging looks very distinct and the formulations seem quite impressive. There is SkinVeil foundation (helps to illuminate the skin), Concealer (unlike many concealers it doesn’t ‘cake’ and offers a great cover for dark shadows. It also stays put for a long time), blush (made with essential oils, rose water and vitamin C it adds a pop of colour to the skin), Powder, Creamy and Milky eyes (eye shadows that work as a colour stain or subtle wash. I bought Creamy Eyes E103, which dries up quickly and stays put (takes a little bit of time to wash it off in the evening though and I laughed, looking at my panda reflection in the mirror) . It’s a very dark grey shade and even though I wasn’t a 100% sure to start with, now I love wearing it.   There is also mascara and eye liners, but I must confess that I use my eyeshadow as an eyeliner sometimes too. Ellis Lips come in 3 formulations-Creamy, Milky or Glazed. You can also buy an Ellis holder which will solve the problem of travelling with make-up:  your lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, blush and powder will be held in a stylish metallic case that will look cool inside your bag or on your make-up table. 


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