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Animal testing has been in the news lately, so when I received the information from one of my favorite make-up brands Ellis Faas, regarding their product development, I knew instantly that I would want to share it with you, after all beauty can easily be achieved pain free, if you open your mind to the idea and put the effort in finding the right network of people to work with.

Maybe you have come across our slogan ‘Only Tested On Supermodels’? If you are interested in the idea behind this tongue-in-cheek message, please continue reading this rather wordy email!

In recent weeks, we received many questions about whether our products are “cruelty-free”. As it appeared, some beauty companies claimed that their products were, but not everyone was speaking the truth… So – without becoming too technical – there are three things we demand from the suppliers who develop products for our brand:
* the finished products, textures and shades cannot be tested on animals
* the ingredients themselves cannot be tested on animals
* the factories we use have to adhere to the European Union’s so-called Fixed Cut Off Date scheme. This means that our products do not contain any ingredients that have been tested on animals since the EU banned those tests. This last thing is important, because it’s mainly new ingredients that some manufacturers are still testing on animals.

Our suppliers have just re-confirmed that they are meeting our demands, and always will be. In fact, they stopped using animal-tested ingredients long before that became a law. This is why we are happy to tell you again:

information courtesy Ellis Faas

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