Emily Johnston aka Fashion Foie Gras + Coach ‘blogger tote bag’ presentation

EJ7In the last few years the trend for blogging as a profession has been on the increase but interestingly for me, there aren’t that many bloggers who hold my attention on the daily basis, like Garance Dore or Scott Schuman. However, a few months ago someone has popped up on my blogger radar, who has won my loyalty-her name is Emily Johnston aka Fashion Foie Gras

I find Emily’s approach very refreshing, loving the variety of information that she presents on her site daily but most of all, I love her natural enthusiasm for the subjects that she is covering, that is palpable in her writing & photos. Emily has started her site in 2009 and since then has been building a regular and continuously expanding following and has deservedly been winning the fashion crowd and editors and brands alike.

Yesterday I had a chance to meet her in person, at the Coach store on Bond street where she was presenting her blogger tote bag,Emily&me a stylish and creative collaboration with an American powerhouse brand Coach.

I received my first Coach bag, a classic tan briefcase, from a family friend on my graduation day and I love, cherish and carry it to this day. In early OO’s Coach has gone off a fashion radar in Europe, but in the last few years the team has been regaining the market position and gaining a bigger world recognition-this year it has opened a beautiful and airy store on Bond street and managed to sign up Gwyneth Paltrow as the brand’s face-I love their advertisement, stylish and  colourful in a classically understated way that really captures the moment and your eye .)

Emily, who wrote about Coach ( she is an American young lady who has been living in London for the last nine years) was approached by the brand and the end result is the beautiful ‘blogger’ tote bag that can be carried on your hand, on your shoulder or in your hand. It has a longer strap, two shoulder handles and two very clever pockets at the bottom-one for your camera and one for your shoes, if you need to carry a spare with you. It has lots of useful inner pockets and a pouch  that can be unzipped and carried on its own (see the picture of the bag at the bottom of this post and Emily’s site www.fashionfoiegras.com for a more detailed story on this collaboration).

The party, I have to say, was perfect. The staff was very helpful and very welcoming ( thank you Yves, you were charm personified), the store EJ5looked beautiful, the DJ spined the disks, the waiters (very handsome and fantastically manoeuvrable-how can you walk in a busy crowd with Coach trays full of cocktails and not spill a drop ?) and very picture-worthy canapes (meringues and pecan pies were scrumptious) and especially made for the occasion duck cookies so pretty you didn’t want to eat them but keep them!

The crowd varied from young cool boys and girls to a slightly older and very stylish crowd and I have to say, there were plenty of guys attending the event-Emily’s appeal is contagious .)

Now, I have to tell you also about the photo booth-you got into the cubicle, where you had to strike four poses and almost instantly got your prints, where you looked funny, cool, a little over-the-top but most of all, it made the occasion even more memorable! 

I also loved the mood board that Emily and Coach created that gave you an idea behind the creative process and Emily, who is very tall and pretty, is one of theEJ1nicest young women I have come across working in the industry. She not only looked genuinely excited about being there, but she greeted everyone like they were old friends and wore Uggs for the initial part of the party-a girl is a natural and you can’t help but fall under her spell! And she is a brave girl too-she told me that when she moved to London nine years ago, she hardly knew anybody in this city. Just shows you how talent, hard work and determination can lead you to your destiny!

All in all, me and my best friend, had a great time and I raise a toast to a very talented young lady who is a true professional and who created something that will give lasting pleasure and functionality to whoever carries FFG+Coach tote bag.EJ4

P.S at the moment there are only 150 limited edition bags that are available to purchase, priced £525 and next week Emily will be doing a presentation of her collaboration with Coach in their store in New York.EJ3



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