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January might make you feel blue, but there are always small ways to make you feel better through skin and body care that uplifts the spirits and make you feel pleased when looking in the mirror or simply laying hands on yourself in comfort. HENUA, a natural & holistic Finnish brand that I wrote about last year, promises to enhance your inner balance, power and radiance every day and I put brand’s Beautifying Toner & Energising Body Lotion to good use to see if they deliver.

HENUA natural beauty of skincare

Face toners often don’t get the recognition they deserve when it comes to the goodness they bring to the skin when used regularly. Some of them act as ‘treatments’, others as ‘tonics’ for the skin. Fine textured or with bigger molecular weigh, plant-based face toners often deliver such extras to the skin as antioxidants, hyaluronic acid or flower water, as is the case with this particular toner. Toners are particularly well-suited to the skin that feels dry, is losing plumpness or is dehydrated.

Birch sap that HENUA uses benefits both skin & body

If I don’t have the time to use it in the morning, I ‘make’ up for it while working at my desk, by spraying this medium-sized molecule mist over my face, even if I am wearing make-up. Using it this way also allows for the toner to give the skin maximum benefit, as the skin ‘drinks’ in the product at its own pace. HENUA founders also believe that this product is important in daily skincare routine through a combination of ingredients that in synergy help to make skin look more beautiful and radiant. With Birch Sap & Pine bark extract working in combination, the formula helps to boost natural collagen production, as well as cell regeneration.

in packaging we trust: Henua’s is recyclable & practical too

“Turning from a windy street into an alley the wind can’t reach and feeling a gentle calm”


According to HENUA’s founders Jenni & Anu, Birch Sap is nature’s own aqua vita, as it contains a vast amount of highly concentrated nutrients that help replenish the skin. Pine bark carries within it age-proofing benefits & helps to boost natural collagen production that sadly declines with age, as cell turnover slows down gradually. Thanks to its inclusion in the formula of this toner, you can expect the ingredient focus to address age spots, wrinkles and sun damage. With a combination of high level of antioxidants, as well as anti-inflammatory properties, Rose & Cornflour Flower Waters assist the process of replenishment and refreshing of the skin, while actively helping to restore moisture balance, radiance and suppleness. The flowery scent is incredibly pleasant and the feel of the toner droplets on the skin offer a refreshing feel with every spray. Personally I very much enjoyed the addition of this product to my regular skincare routine in the winter months and haven’t had to resort to using a ‘heavier’ moisturiser so far.

Beautifying with nature’s flowing gift of flower & plant waters

Henua Energising Body Lotion has a completely different feel and scent to the toner and is the only product that looks after the body within the range. Formulated to promote skin hydration and elasticity (something that Finns know only too well, with cold winters and much time spent outdoors walking or doing sports) the lotion also helps to regenerate the skin and positively impacts the appearance of the skin. In addition, Lemongrass, known for its energising properties, will help to relieve tired muscles – be it from daily mundane activities or after exercising. And Corn Flower that is also used in the toner, will help with the improvement of the circulation and removing excess fluid from your body when combined with the lymphatic massage.

Cocoon yourself with energising energy with Henua body lotion

We often lavish out attention on our faces, leaving the bodies somewhat in the shade. I think winter months are a perfect time to change that, rather than go on the diet that your body will rebel against, craving nurture and nourishment instead. With colder temperatures outside and our bodies covered in multiple layers, its easy to forget that what skin truly needs is increased hydration and this lotion, while completely unsticky, provides it beautifully. Anu & Jenni intentionally formulated this product to work for all skin types and provide both superior hydration, as well as energise the skin and the senses.

Energise and hydrate the skin, rather than starve your body during colder months of the year

It really doesn’t matter if you apply this body lotion in the morning or evening, but if you have the time to apply it in the morning after your shower, try to incorporate a few minutes of dry skin brushing before your jump into the shower, as it will naturally boost your body’s natural ability for lymphatic drainage, that can become sluggish. Combining dry skin brushing with using this body lotion really makes a difference to both skin’s appearance, making it feel softer and skin more even, as well as your overall energy levels. Often it’s the simplest things or combination of a skin or body care product with a massage, that can make your products work more effectively. And as a result you will notice the results quicker.

HENUA packaging is recyclable

When it comes to this body lotion, I also value the fact that it sinks into the skin quickly and efficiently, without leaving behind any residue. The glass bottle is sizeable & weighty enough to hold comfortably in the hand and the pump dispenses the product really efficiently. The texture is enjoyable and allows for the hands to glide easily over the skin, like skates do over the icy surface. I also use the lotion of the tops of my feet, elbows and knees and can definitely say that the product provides enough hydration, so I don’t feel that my skin is like parchment paper, crinkly and dry. Considering the texture, the lotion would also work beautifully during the summer, when the skin will loose moisture during exposure sun and heat.

Having now tried the whole range of HENUA products, I truly appreciate the ethos of the brand, consideration for the environment, efficacy of products aimed at consumers of different ages and skin types and the pleasure that using them brings to both the skin and the senses.

a gentle calm & a more serene skin

HENUA is an organic brand that is COSMOS-certified. It is also cruelty-free & formulated and manufactured in Finland.

To find out more about HENUA, please click here to go to brand‘s website

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