Eye pencil selection

For those of us not blessed with huge eyes, there are always tricks to make our eyes bigger and brighter, with a white eye pencil at the bottom of the eye ( to enhance the white’s of our eyes and appear less tired, I like RMK’s waterproof pencil eyeliner in 04/white, which gives a really brightening effect and the rubbery tip at the other end allows you to blend it it ) and different colours of the eyeliner on our top eyelid, depending on the natural colour of your eyes.

Over the years I started using more eyeliner, probably looking at my mother, who has beautiful eyes and always accentuated them artfully yet like a pro-hand on my heart, I hardly have seen my mum’s eye make-up looking anything but perfect! Her selection of choice is eyeliners either from Giorgio Armani or Chanel-the art masters.

I have fiddled with my fair share of eyeliners and below are the ones that have been tried andEF tested and in the end they produce impeccable results every time for me:

1) Becca’s automatic eye pencil ( mine in a shade called Goa, a milk-chocolate brown shade that I wear during the day ): it’s perfectly precise, doesn’t smudge and wears well, as the day or evening goes by. Becca also does another clever product, which is a ‘Line+Illuminate pencil’-it’s an eyeshadow on one side and eyeliner on the other end. If you don’t prep your eyelid ( generally I hardly bother to do it ) , the eyeshadow might crease slightly, but you just smudge it a little a few hours after the original application and it will continue to go a distance.

2) an organic choice, from an American brand called Vapour Organic Beauty: their eyeliner comes only in one shade for now, black ( it looks black-grey ) and has a blending tool at one end, if you want a more soft, slightly blended line. It has a good consistency and stays put for a good few hours.

3) Eyeliner by Ellis Faas: it comes in two shades-black and brown and when you use it the first time, it will seem like you are using a liquid eyeliner, which it sort of is. After you apply it-its brush is nicely thin, giving you ease of creating a perfectly accurate line, the eyeliner ‘dries up’ taking a sort of powdery look, while retaining its vivid colour-to say that I am addicted to this eyeliner would be an understatement. But a word of warning-read the instructions carefully and make sure that the thin, very precise brush is kept clean and not full of dried up colour before you re-apply-if you don’t use it correctly it might implode in your hand and while it looks very colourful, cleaning up might take a while.

When you apply your eyeliner, make sure that the line is even and precise and make sure that you blend it into your lash line, so that your eye looks perfectly enhanced. As the wise man said, our eyes are the windows to our soul, might as well make them beautifully theatrical !

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