Eyeshadow palette from Chanel

You can always rely on Chanel to come up with some interesting products and yesterday when I wandered into the brands corner in Selfridges, needing to buy a replacement bottle of foundation, I started talking to the make-up artist called Carrie, who was very sweet and accommodating-perfect at the end of a busy day, when you want some advice, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed with information and unnecessary talking.

While Carrie was matching a shade that works for my current skin tone-not much sunshine lately, so my skin is more of wintry white than chirpy spring-I noticed a very pretty eyeshadow palette. I asked Carrie about it and she said that the shades were easy to apply, stayed put really well, had great pigments but before I got too excited, she suggested that she goes to check if they had any left.


The eyeshadow palette is called ’51, Montaigne’, after Chanel’s new boutique in Paris and it has five colours in it: steely grey, green, pearly white, lemony yellow and gold. You also have two small, double-sided brushes, one with 2 spongy ends and one with a spongy end and a brush at the other end, so you have a choice and room for being creative ( for example using the green and steely grey as eyeliner ). This palette works beautifully in spring and summer but at the same time you will find it useful during autumn and winter too. You can have a lighter sweep of eyeshadow or build the colour for a more dramatic effect, particularly with a beautiful grey shade. I also thing that it’s a perfect eyeshadow compact to travel with, as the colours can easily take you from day to evening look, while fitting very neatly even in the smallest make-up bag. 


Chanel’s limited edition ‘ 51 Montaigne ‘ eyeshadow palette costs £46 and is available at Chanel counters, if you are lucky to buy it before they sell out.

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