Face cleansers for springtime

Well, it looks like spring is finally here and I think it’s a good idea to review your skincare routine, particularly the type of cleanser that you use.


In winter, when it’s cold outside, it makes sense to use richer, more nourishing cleansers, to sooth the skin and make sure that you don’t use anything too harsh, while spring time requires lighter, yet still effective formulations and below are a few of my suggestions:

1) Stem Gentle Cleansing milk, £25.50 for 125 mls: Stem is a a wonderful organic brand from Australia ( I swear by their serums ! ) that uses natural ingredients ( essential oils, herbs, cosmeceuticals & pure plant oils ). This particular cleanser is gentle enough to be used on all skin types. It’s a pH balanced light milk that gently removes make-up and environmental particles. It contains such ingredients like vegetable emulsifying wax, jojoba oil, kakadu plum, olive leaf extract, tasmanian kelp extract, mandarin, chamomile and tangerine  essential oils, as well as angel sword bush flower essence ( protects skin from outside influences ).

2) Amala ‘purify’  blue lotus gel cleanser, £26 for 50 mls: Amala is a luxurious German organic brand that really takes the selection of ingredients for its products very seriously. This particular cleanser, from their ‘purify’ range, clears away dirt and excess oil, while helping to unclog the pores with blue lotus, white clay and green tea. It has a very light feel and leaves the skin feeling super clean, while giving a slight matt finish to the skin appearance. It also has a subtly fresh smell and is equally good to clean your face in the evening.

3) Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Ageing cleanser, £32 for 90 mls: I really like to be pleasantly surprised and this cleanser definitely fits this category. When Imelda, the owner of my favorite organic beauty emporium Content/well-being, recommended it to me, she did say that it is unusual compared tp the majority of cleansers on the market and when I tried it, for the first three or four days I actually wasn’t sure that I like it and then….. I just fell in love with it!

When you apply this gel like cream to your face, it smells herbally and it really cleanses your skin, but my skin felt slightly different to the touch, like it was a little too taught, as if you haven’t washed it off properly for the first few minutes. In reality it doesn’t dry your skin, it actually does the exact opposite. It gently removes the impurities and make-up, while maintaining skin’s pH balance and I wouldn’t dream of travelling without it, especially as it helps to slow down the ageing process and helps to deal with free radicals.

4) NuBo Cell Dynamic velvet cleansing cream, £28 for 100 mls: NuBo is a very innovative beauty brand- while its not organic, it uses active ingredients and was originally developed with the help of renowned skin chemist Colette Haydon. It doesn’t contain any nasties, like parabens and has some very advanced skin benefiting ingredients ( like the ones in Russian’s incredible Enteros gel that I use on myself or family members if any of us get food poisoning-I actually never came across anything like that while leaving in Europe ).

This milky formula can be used both in cold and warm months, day or night and I find its flower smell really uplifting, if used in the morning. It cleanses and moisturises ( this formulation contains an innovative tri-peptide that helps to reduce inflammation & irritation, as well as wheat germ & coconut oil that help to restore skin’s elasticity & boost skin’s lipid content ), so even if I don’t apply my serum or moisturiser straight away, my skin still feels soft and supple to the touch, so definitely a ‘keeper’ as far as I am concerned !



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