Face massage and a new gadget from facialist Sarah Chapman

SCM_edited-1Face massage has always been popular in Russia, as not so long ago women didn’t have access to professional make up and many beauty recipes were home made. Things have changed a lot since than and even though I currently reside in London and have tried many good facials, including ones by Vaishaly (I can’t wait for her to add masks to her skincare line as it made my skin feel as plump as the baby’s bottom during one of her facials), Anastasia Achilleos and Michelle Roques-O’Neil (who uses Chinese tools and jade rolls and makes my face unlined and plumped) one constant is that you are told how important it is to massage your face when you are cleansing or when you are putting your face or eye creams or serums on-it detoxes your skin, let’s oxygen penetrate deeper, improves the muscle tone and makes the products work more efficiently.

I have used Giorgio Armani’s obsidian stone massager from time to time for a while now but was recently quite intrigued by a new gadget from a well-known London facialist Sarah Chapman, called Skinesis Facialift.

It’s a roller that has 8 heads and 48 massaging modules at one end and a tapping pad at the other. You can either use it with your cleanser to help the lymphatic drainage  and to de- congest your skin or with your usual skincare to plump and rejuvenate the skin. I would recommend to start using it in the evening, as your face might need to get used to the strong sensation and then go on using it twice, in the morning when you cleanse and in the evening, after putting the serum or cream on. It can be used both on the face and on the neck (instructions are on the back of the box and I was told by the sales assistant that she uses it on her thighs too .) which I haven’t attemted yet, so can’t offer an opinion.

SC Skinesis facialift costs £24 at SpaceNK

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