Face massage

DSC03007Every woman should know that face massage helps with keeping the skin supple, gives our faces a healthy glow, boosts the circulation and helps to sculpt the face and keep the lines less obvious.

I have read about the benefits of using the Yuroll, been given some ‘detoxing’ moves by Anastasia Achilleos (that I faithfully use every evening,while cleansing my face) and keep on trying to remember to use the scrub on my face at least once a week. I also use Liz Earle’s face cloth every evening. But it’s always good to keep up with the new developments….

A few days ago my best friend gave me Soap & Glory’s Energy boosting Face Massage Mini Mitt(this line was developed by Marcia Kilgore, the super-creative woman behind Bliss spas, Bliss brand and Fit Flops among others, in order to allow women to look wonderful without spending a huge amount of money). For example, her Sugar Crush body scrub not only does a great job, while smelling divine, but it definitely gives any other, more expensive scrub (and there are many!), a run for their money.

S&G’s mini mitt fits into the palm of your hand and with its help (and that of your usual face cleanser) you will achieve a radiant complexion and keep dead skin cells, that make our face complexion grey & sallow, at bay. The mitt is quite soft, so should be useful to people with sensitive skin too. It feels like a soft caress on the skin, so you will be doing your face not only the favour, but enjoying the sensation too.

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