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Rain is something we have a mixed relationship with in the UK. We know we need it, yet when it pours, we bemoan its effect on our life that day. When Alex, founder of NINI Organics, launched Rain into the world last year, beauty retailers and customers alike took to it like ducks to water, drenching themselves with whoops of delight all around the world. In my case, every time I mist the face with Alex’s gift, I think of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and it starts playing in my head on repeat. Yet Alex associates two completely different songs with that formidable face product, but I will come back to that later .)

NINI Organics RAIN

The best way to get to know NINI Organics is through Alex, who literally lives and breathes the brand. Follow him on Instagram and you will be uplifted by his songs (he is VERY impartial to Mariah), as well as be educated about ingredients, tips and formulations in the funnest & quirkiest way. Come and visit him in-store and he will sing, dance, perform a facial and “match you” perfectly to the range of NINI Organics (and other brands he likes) based on your individual skin’s needs.

Alex and I met many years ago when he worked as sales person and MUA at Content Wellbeing and since then his genuine spirit only came even more into its own powerful magnetism, with launching of the brand that he loves like a baby and with his free spirit becoming more high-pitched and more true to what Alex represents as a human being and an indie brand founder.

Elevated water experience with NINI Organics

What inspired Alex to create RAIN, a hydrating essence unlike any other, was the element – water- itself. The essence of being moist and hydrated, the freedom of fluidity, like swimming in a wild lake with only lily pads and fish for company. When you try this hydrating & antioxidant-rich face mist for the first time, you might notice that the mist isn’t fine, but rather has a bigger, more substantiated molecular weight. When I asked Alex about it, he sent me the most wonderfully animated, part worldly, part song-like reply, telling me that he wanted his customers “to have an intense moment with RAIN, not the frilly ooh-la-la one!” This mist “is meant to drench the skin, not waste the product! Another angle on this was the fact that the company from which NINI sources the packaging didn’t have a finer mister, so Alex just made the best of what he had – ingredients, colour and packaging all together in a happy sing-along.

RAIN on me NINI Organics

The pleasure of this mist, which is gorgeously rich and unusual in colour, is also in the essence of hydration that you can lavish on your skin morning, afternoon or night-time – the pleasure is of your own choosing. Alex masterfully combined antioxidant-rich Cucumber water with Butterfly Pea Extract – ingredient Sonny & Cher take a bow on stage! Butterfly Pea Extract is rich in hard to spell or pronounce – procyanides – that will protect your skin from the elements and, alongside Cucumber water (not only hydrates, but helps to lock the moisture in) the two will provide the skin, irrespective of the type, with the nutrient dense matrix of flavonoids, which in turn will help protect the skin against environmental stressors and free-radicals. Add Lactic Acid to the mix, which gently exfoliates the skin and with regular use you will emerge into the sunshine (or on a rainy day) with a healthier glow and plumper skin thanks to Hyaluronic Acid. Alex also used Inulin, which is a wonderful prebiotic for the skin matrix. Mist, inhale and proudly put your beautiful face forward and march to your own individual beat.

From ingredients to packaging NINI Organics puts its best face forward

Not surprisingly considering the choice of the element for this product, Alex wanted to achieve colour blue, the way water looks when you examine it at a certain angle. But thanks to the mysteries of chemical reactions – drop any cosmetic brand that tells you they are ‘chemical-free’ because they are either ignorant themselves, or take you for a fool – Lactic Acid tuned the finished product a gorgeously deep purple & made it even more visually striking too!

RAIN took about a year to formulate and refine and when you mist yourself with it, you’ll smell the notes of the perfectly in tune with each other melange of ingredients. There are no added absolutes or essential oils in this skin essence and the best way to apply it to the skin is directly after cleansing the face and then layering Crimson Beauty Serum & Infinity Beauty Balm on top…. or any other product selection that works for your skin.

“When it’s hot outside, keep RAIN in the fridge and when you skin feels the need, spritz it all over honey !”

Alex’s top tip on using RAIN Hydrating Skin Essence
Organic skin food that is truly good

Another great piece of advice from Alex is to add a good few sprays of RAIN to your weekly powdered mask, cleanser or scrub, making for an ‘epic’ skincare experience. If using NINI Organics couple it with Natura Miracle Mask (Alex’s nickname for this product is “pollution solution”) or with Natura Detox Foam, a water-free foaming cleanser. Not only would you be adding a water element to the powdered, water-less plant synergy of ingredients, you will get more for a product experience with this ‘elevated water darling” that is rich in ingredients that were lovingly and patiently macerated.

As to the songs that inspired the Hydrating Skin Essence called RAIN? Well, we can thank Mariah for “I can make it through the rain’ and Natasha Beddingfield “Feel The Rain On Your Skin”. I think Alex was as gentle as he could when he told me that ‘Purple Rain’ that I tend to hum to myself when RAIN misting my face is a common misconception. While the Artist and the song are epic, in this instance it’s much more than about Purple Rain. I still smile when I mist myself with RAIN, imagining Alex belting Mariah, as I strut and sing like Prince somewhere in the wilderness, with wild creatures as the only members of the audience that would listen to us. Make of this what you will !

RAINing Queen from NINI Organics

To find out more about NINI Organics, go to brand’s website here

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