Facial with Abigail James

Abigail2I don’t often venture out to Primrose Hill but I have become curious about a holisitc facialist Abigail James who only does her facials once a week in London at the moment (she currently lives in Cotswolds). Abigail does her treatments at a girlie paradise called Lost in Beauty, so on a gloomy Wednesday in early march, I hot footed there.

Abigail herself is a pretty woman with long beautiful hair and looking at her you would hardly guess that she is a mother of three-can a facialist have a better advertisement, testifying to the skill and correct lifestyle?

Abigail took me to the treatment room downstairs and asked me to fill in a detailed questionnaire, covering my skin, medical conditions or cosmetic treatments that i might have had in the past. She does ask about your beauty routine and the products that you use and what you want to achieve with the facial. Some of the questions are surprising, like on which side do I normally sleep. Well, having examined my face Abigail noticed that one side was more congested than the other and correctly told me on which side I tend to sleep more….

Following this, you get on the cosy treatment bed and Abigail starts doing some craniosacral work on your face and scalp, touching certain points and gently unwinding your face and frayed nerves in the process. 

My facial took 75 minutes and included a three step cleanse, steaming to open up the pores, extractions (normally it is the only unpleasant part of the facial but on this occasion it was almost painless, even though the area around my nose was congested-and it can be quite sensitive, thus testing the therapist’s skills) , natural face therapeutic massage (Abigail has a light touch and her fingers flutter all over your face, relaxing it), deep connective tissue release, which helps to restructure and soften the face, followed by chosen mask, manual lymphatic drainage (to detox lymph system) and reduce puffiness and encourage natural healing.

 Abigail is quite selective about the products she uses (she only uses organic brands)  and while I have heard or used Ren or Dr. Hauschka (I have many girlfriends who love and swear by this range but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for my skin) the brand Dr. Alkaitis was new to me.DSC04073

Abigail used Dr. Alkaitis Universal mask (it nourishes and rejuvenates all types of skin with ingredients like oat buds, organic grass juice, vegetable and seed complexes) which she mixes especially for you, adding goat’s milk and honey together with the active ingredients and then putting it on your face-bliss, I tell you.

Abigail is knowledgeable and experienced but you almost have to press her a little in terms of products advice post treatment-to me it was a nice change, as many therapists might push the products they use or have developed on you, while Abigail seems to give a serious thought before recommending something to you. I walked away with dr. Alkaitis organic soothing gel that calms my skin and makes it feel loved and nurtured by 100% active ingredients and I use universal mask once a week now too, which is the step in the direction of moving more into the organic beauty brands and away from chemically loaded.

 Facial with Abigail James, 75 mins £125 at Lost in Beauty, 117Regents park Road, London NW1



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