‘Fake’ naturals or how we can be responsible mothers

From the moment I became pregnant with my first child my life has changed profoundly. As soon as you cradle your baby in the arms, you are overwhelmed with love and fear for that little bundle that came into this world and those emotions stay with you until the day that you leave this world.

I want my kids to be healthy and happy and in my quest to do the best that I can, I have been trying to make conscious choices to use the natural products, organic where possible, feed my kids with healthy and nutritious meals, often using organic produce  and dress them in mostly natural fibres, like wool in the winter and cotton in the summer. I want to give them a good start and do my best where I can make a difference to their health and development.

The market for children’s skincare-after all, that’s where the money is- seem to be expanding, with new products hitting the shelves all the time. I have always been ‘picky’ about the skincare (don’t ask me why, but I have had a really bad experience with the blue coloured bottle of Johnson’s baby bath) and any paediatrician would tell you that unfortunately more and more kids are born with allergies and skin conditions, some inherited, some environmental.

 As my son’s skin can be a bit dry sometimes, I have been using my friend Tawna’s baby range, called Tawna Hill Baby but occasionally, would also use other brands like Aveenoproducts that I thought were quite good until Tawna have send me the link to a video, which I watched over the weekend. I can tell you that it had quite an effect on me, so in a way I am grateful but I am also disappointed.


I am no scientist and often rely on my girlfriend’s advice or advice of my lovely local pharmacist, who is very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, sometimes one can watch an ad or see a label ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ and is led to believe that one is making a good choice. Many of the brand mentioned in that video link are not sold in the UK and I know that EU is a little bit more vigorous in their standards when it comes to dispensing an ‘organic’ certificate but what horrifies me is that you can go into an organic store, buy a children’s product, thinking you are making a good, informed choice but in reality those products, in most cases more expensive too, can still contain dangerous chemicals that can lead to all sorts of health consequences long -term. From now on I will make sure that I actually check the ingredients in more detail, sometimes with a help of Iphone or Ipad app that can let you know if the food or cosmetic product you are buying actually contains dangerous nasties (check out Cosmetique). That’s the least we can do for our kids, who will leave in a much more polluted and uncertain world than the one into which our parents brought us. 

p.s when I was a baby there was no such thing as nappies, like Pampers or Huggies, so my parents used muslin cloths of sorts as nappies-as soon as the ‘deed’ was done, parents had to change the baby otherwise the baby was wet or dirty. In addition to sleepless night, my mum had to wash those cloths and then ‘boil’ them in the huge bucket, to make them clean/sterile.

My parents were quite fortunate because my grandparents lived in Italy when I was born, so in addition to Parma ham, Martini, toys and clothes, my grandmother has sent my mum a nappy made of special cloth-I now call it ‘nappy prototype’ – that my mum used to put on top of the muslin cloth hence I could be outside for a walk for slightly longer-so in some ways progress is not being made in the right direction and one has to bear in mind that appearances can be deceptive and dig dipper to see the real substance or lack of….

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