Family time: combining learning and fun

As mothers we want our kids to enjoy their childhood, often secretly longing for our own care-free days spent outside, with no computers or iPads to keep us amused. Being a child in our day and age is both exciting and challenging and so is the role of a parent when it comes, among other things, to figuring out how to keep our kids entertained and learning at the same time. Below are three things that came on my radar recently and which I hope your whole family will enjoy using, making for even more precious family time.


Brain-teazer games ( Aly Peli & IQ Link )

My kids were given those by their godmother via Father Christmas and since then they have steadily kept kids & adults entertained, while improving our overall problem-solving and memory skills.


Those compact brain-teasers are perfect travel companions ( whatever mode of transport you take ) and even though most state ‘8 years and up’, I can assure you that much younger children delight in them as well. Those games are a great way to test your spatial perception skills, offering lots of challenges from an ‘Easy level’ building up to ‘Wizard’. At the same time it helps kids understanding and appreciation of 2D & 3D challenges.

Each game comes with an accompanying booklet, guiding kids progress and the fun bit is that you can challenge yourself alongside them.

Available to purchase on Amazon

A Book: ‘Use your Imagination ( but be careful what you wish for! ) by Nicola O’Byrne.

This book popped into my eye-line via Babyccino Kids blog and I have to say that it is as cute, as it is delightful to read. It will make bedtime reading fun and will give kids an opportunity to…yes, you’ve guessed it !..use their imagination. While it isn’t a long or a complicated book, I hope you will come back to re-reading it, creating happiness and contentment just before kids heads hit the pillow. Dreaming should be encouraged as those who dream will dare to create amazing things now and in the future.


Storytime Magazine

I don’t know about you, but I have probably spent a small fortune on kids magazines sold in the newsagents when the children were small. Toddlers seem to crave the silly toys attached to those magazines and sometimes it is easier to give in and buy it, than to endure another public tantrum – those who tried reasoning with the little people will know exactly what I am talking about.

One day I reached a water-shed and said a firm ‘no’ to buying another of those magazines which usually end up in a recycling bin shortly after the purchase. Until recently both sides kept their peaceful pact. That is, until I came across Storytime magazine in my Twitter timeline.


Storytime is a monthly subscription magazine which doesn’t have any ads ( alleluia) but does have ‘classic tales to read, love and share’. There are old favourites, as well as stories from around the world that will entice kids of both sexes and different ages and give you a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your children reading and exploring. You might get in touch with your childhood and reminisce of the stories your parents or grandparents have read to you, while re-discovering them with your own children, nephews and nieces or friends kids.

The magazine has wonderfully vibrant illustrations, which will enhance kids reading appreciation (there is a digital version of the magazine as well ) and there is also a ‘Storytime playbook’ section, where you will find games and crafts projects ). Personally I am delighted that I came across this magazine & think that a Storytime subscription will make a fun gift for a modern child.

3 thoughts on “Family time: combining learning and fun

  1. Hello Galina,

    I’m the editor of Storytime magazine and just came across your lovely blog. I’m so happy that you enjoyed our magazine and just wanted to wish you many happy storytimes in future! Thanks and very best wishes from the team at Storytime! 🙂

    1. Hello Maxine,

      thank you for your lovely comment and may I say congratulations on being an editor of a wonderful magazine that appeals to boys, girls and their mums! We read it at home, take it to restaurants and travel with it – truly the best fun and educational magazine that I found for little people thus far. And it lets me get reconnected with some of the stories from my childhood as well 🙂

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