Fashion statement or a child in you?

NW31Hermes scarfs are considered to be exquisite and stylish, but what if you can’t afford one?

Last year Hobbs, the quintessential British brand that I considered to ‘grandmotherly’ for myself ‘introduced’ a new accessories line called NW3, named after the post code where the brand’s first original shop was opened. The line of scarfs, bags and other accessories are made in Italy and given a stylish twist. I bought a pair of boots and a scarf last year and have been wearing both with joy.

The new a/w 2010 collection was again full of surprises and when I saw this particular scarf in the window I just couldn’t resist it. It’s bright and perfect for autumn, when days are becoming shorter and rain and clouds make more of an appearance. The cute animals make me smile and appeal to the child in me, so who says you can’t be both childishly stylish at the same time?

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