February Beauty Newness

For many people February is a dark & dreary month, but I think of it as the last step before jumping into spring. This is a perfect month to hibernate & quietly dream, while focussing on nurturing & nourishing yourself. I was lucky (or rather my face was) to test two products this month as part of my “February Beauty Newness”. One kindly sent by the British brand Votary that consistently continues to make positive impact in the green beauty segment and another, a recovery & repair sleep mask “Good Night” from Verite, a New Zealand brand that was new to me and as always skillfully spotlighted by Boxwalla in its February Beauty Box. A Votary day cream and a Verite night mask that will nurture, nourish and uplift the senses with the effect that is visible in the morning light.

Votary Natural Glow Day Cream, 50ml, £70

Votary Natural Glow Day Cream

Some might think this cream is a follow-up to the beautifully successful Super Seed Nutrient Cream (which is particularly well suited to customers with sensitive skin and has matt finish), but its quite different. This innovative formula is suited to most skin types and works on smoothing, brightening, hydrating and visibly improving texture, while pleasingly adding a dewy finish to the skin.

“When I want to get up & glow, I reach for this lipid-rich day cream. The clever, slow-release oleosomes & plant ferments provide day-long hydration & protection for your skin. It’s your skin at its very best, with a wonderful natural glow.”

Arabella Preston, Votary co-founder
A face cream for the daily skin you are in

Formulated with a trio of plant fermentsRadish, Pomegranate and Collamung – the cream will have a powerful age-proofing effect, while at the same time smoothing the skin and helping it maintain a healthy barrier. Another ingredient, called Pichia Yeast ferment, will help to firm up, smooth and improve skin texture – something that is as relevant to a young adult, as it is to a more mature one. And with Backuchiol, that has become one of the star skincare ingredients in the last couple of years – expect to notice both the antioxidant benefits, as well as the reduction of the visibility of fine lines due to improved elasticity and the invisible to the eye protection against the signs of environmental damage. This cream also boosts the moisture within skin’s layers due to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and micro-encapsulated Safflower oleosomes that in synergy deliver a slow-release of the longer lasting hydration.

February Beauty Newness: Votary day Cream

When it comes to morning skincare routine, I look for speed and efficacy first and foremost. Products that are easy to apply, smell good and possibly safe me time int the morning when I have to supervise kids and get myself ready alongside them. With this day cream I don’t have to use a primer, just letting it sink into my skin, before applying my make-up on the already prepped skin canvas. It really does add radiance to the skin, which you can then further ‘enhance’ with highlighter, bronzer or blush and the skin will remain well-moisturised through the day, which is also an added bonus. A pleasure in a jar that lasts throughout the day, making your skin more resilient, better moisturised and more glowing – something to smile about and to appreciate!

Verite Skin Defence Photo + GOOD NIGHT Recovery & Repair Sleep mask, 50ml

February Beauty Newness: Verite Good Night mask

Verite is an organic skincare brand that is based in Auckland. Two of its products are currently being expertly spotlighted by Lavanya, Boxwalla‘s worldly co-founder, to its international tribe of clients. Lavanya was so enamoured by the products and the effect that she noticed on her face and hands, that she seems particularly delighted to be sharing her own love for the brand via her social media channels. I haven’t heard of the brand before and so was curious to experience the Good Night mask for myself. The first thing that you can’t help but notice is the unusual texture of the mask. It’s not creamy, nor balmy – it’s jelly-like and you almost feel ‘guilty’, by breaking its surface with your clean fingertips. Once you apply and spread the mask all over the face, you experience a little cooling sensation, then the mask is gone without a trace and you are ready to go to sleep.

from New Zealand to all over the world

The Good Night mask contains skin balancing probiotics that help repair the skin overnight, while also balancing skin’s own microbiome. With the native NZ ingredients, as well as skin renewing and hydrating ingredients like Rosephip, Goji berry, Quandong, Kakadu Plum (is it me or is it another run-away success ingredient for face care products?) and Hyaluronic Acid expect overnight repair, renewal, calming and improvement in skin’s plumpness overnight. It really is a fun experiment to wake up in the morning, splash the face with cool water, tap the face gently dry and examine the complexion before getting on with the day. A jelly mask to ramp up your natural glow that might have been subdued, as well as an improvement in hydration in the skin that longs for warmer temperatures and warmer sunshine. At the time when many of us are still facing travel restrictions or simply don’t have plans to travel far, exploring skincare dreamed up and created in other countries allows us to experience the craft of the skincare affectionados from around the world without leaving our homes. It also allows us to consciously support artisans and people passionate about skincare, as well as smaller businesses that experienced the brunt of pandemic hardships like the rest of us without access to fast pool of funding. Doing good and looking good through skincare – are you in yet?

Care to dive in?

Janin, the founder of the brand, is based in Auckland. I was curious why she called her brand Verite, meaning ‘truth’ in French and she replied that she lived in France for a few months many moons ago and it was there that her interest in alternative therapies, including aromatherapy was ‘sparked’. So the name is the ‘homage’ to the country for that creativity spark. But another angle on the name stems from Janin’s desire & intention to focus on making beauty products with only ingredients that have a purpose and help enhance the skin. Her products are about ‘being true to your own self and embracing your own unique beauty, while not feeling guilty about not fitting into everyone else’s side of what beauty is.”

beauty is about being you and skincare helping to enhance one’s beautiful individuality

And if you are curious about other products in my February Beauty Newness spotlight, I will feature more products shortly on my Instagram as well. Until March my beauty-loving friends .)

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