February nail polishes

SBFebruary is such a gloomy month, one almost forces himself out of the apartment and out into the street, so what better way to cheer yourself now than to go on a nail polish shopping spree of sorts?

First on my list was an old favourite from Christian Dior’s- No.219 (safari beige), £17. Its packaging has recently been changed and the brush was made a little rounder, making the faultless application easier.

Using the points on my Boots advantage card, I got Bourjois subtly lilacy pink (No.2)  1 second 1 coat fan effect brush nail polish-so one hand was painted in Christian Dior beige and another in Bourjois. So far, Bourjois is winning hands down, keeping the colour without chipping. The minus is that it takes longer for the nail polish remover to take the colour off the nails.

Lately I have been asking myself why do we pay more for nail polishes by Christian Dior or Chanel when in practise they are not that much better better than let’s say Essie, OPI or Bourjois-if you know of a nail spa in London stocking Chanel colours, let me know, will probably save me a fortune .)

 However, as always, there is something new and interesting and in my view, it also looks like the work of art-welcome Strangebeautiful nail colours on stage.

Each one has two colours and what vivid colours they are-almost blinding in their beauty! Jane Schub, who started Strangebeautiful, has the design and illustration background and I can honestly say that I have never seen cool nail colours like that before. I bought Macerated fruit/Borscht double and I don’t even have the vocabulary to describe the shade-allow me to be very trivial and call one shade purply dark blue and another vivid strong pink with red undertones. Each polish glides smoothly and you are almost blinded by the colour intensity-I call mine the work of art .) now. Initially i only put on one coat and it did start chipping a little in a couple of days but the nail polish remover takes the colour off without leaving any discoloration on your nails, which is great and if you put on two coats plus a top coat, then the polish lasts beautifully for five to seven days, depending how actively you use your hands.

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