Festive surprises from Ellis Faas

I have already professed my love for the Ellis Faas make-up brand and so far this year, her concealer and blusher remain the top of my make-up list-not only they make me feel prettier, her products also have the ‘staying power’ during the day, which can’t be said for many other well-known brand.

For the festive season, that isn’t that far away, she has come up with a special gift set (£65), containing three of her best-selling products: Creamy Lips ‘Ellis Red’ L101, Ellis Eyes Light E305 and black mascara E401, which will help you create a perfect festive look for a dramatic party entrance or a more subtle day look.

Party look instructions by Ellis:

-use the Light in holographic Bordeaux-green as an overall eye shadow. Apply liberally onto the eyelids and also underneath the eye in a bold shape. Soften the edges with your finger for a dramatic smokey eye.

-apply the mascara in several coatings. Because the mascara stays flexible you can easily layer it and even curl the lashes afterwards – do wait a few minutes between layers.

-load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and outline the lips. Reload and apply a thicker coat of lipstick to create a sumptuous, deep sexy red mouth.

Subtle look by Ellis Faas:

* use the Light as a highlighter – either over your usual eye shadow or on its own. Apply a dot in the middle of your eyelid and in the corner of your eye. Dab lightly.

* use one coating of mascara for a natural look.

* load the applicator of the lipstick with a little bit of product and apply on the lips. Fade a little with fingers, to create a very chic blood-red stain.

Another exclusive for the festive season is Ellis’s Limited edition holder (£21), which can hold six Ellis Faas colour cosmetic pens, Skin Veil foundation & Compact Powder. The Red Velvet Limited Edition is custom crufted of high polished alluminium and velvet flocked.

“When I was young, we spent most Decembers enjoying long dinners in my father’s library
drinking and playing games in front of its open fire. The room had the look and feel of an
English gentlemen’s club, complete with red-flocked wallpaper. So I always knew that for our first limited-edition Holder, I wanted to use that technique. For the velvet drawing, I wanted something as warm and intimate, yet without religious connotations, so I drew inspiration from more universal, nearly tribal designs I have always loved.” – E l l i s Fa a s

I suggest you stock up on those goodies quickly, as I have a strong suspicioin the stocks are not going to last for long .)

 The launch date for the products is November 27, 2010. Ellis Faas is stocked up at Liberty’s of London on Regent street.

Ellis’s Facebook-page (www.facebook.com/ellisfaas) or newsletter (via www.ellisfaas.com)





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