Finally, it’s been published!

Coco2CocoLike any woman interested in fashion, I am fascinated by Coco Chanel and her creations and ideas that remain ever so current in our fast-paced and constantly changing world.

Last year, when I have read that Justine Picardie was publishing her long-researched biography of Mademoiselle Chanel, I immediately placed my order on the Amazon. I waited, and waited….and the delay continued until a year later, as in today, it finally arrived on my doorstep-I was almost ready to kiss the City Link guy-almost!

I am beyond excited and I don’t get such glee in regards to biographies often. Also, my copy arrived with a little cloth bag the picture of which I attach-I don’t know if it will come with every copy, but it’s really a cute touch (and is digitally signed by Monsieur Lagerfeld, hence my presumption that he designed it as a souvenir to go with a beautifully written book that contains lots of photographs and sketches, including ten done exclusively for this book by Monsieur Lagerfeld).  

‘Coco Chanel: the legend and the life’ by Justine Picardie

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