Foundation meets towel – pause for thought

I do love cosmetics and make-up, but the older I become, the more descerning I feel in my choice of products that go on my skin-it isn’t the question of price or celebrity endorsement, it’s an educated choice about ingredients and brand’s ethos, among other things and what happened recently makes me more determined than ever to choose wisely.

Last week I left a bottle of my foundation on my bathroom sink and went on to tidy up my bedroom. A little bit of time passed and I thought I should check on my Kid, who was suspiciously quiet. In my absence my child decided to take advantage of the pots and bottles within reach and decided to try the foundation. The bottle was opened and the foundation applied randomly on the face but the Kid is smart and knew that what was done is wrong, so tried to wash the face off with the water, which clearly didn’t work, as I found the bottle standing slightly askew and large brown stains covering my immaculately white towel. Trying not to laugh at the experiment that clearly wasn’t as successful at being hidden as planned, I put the towel in the wash and here lies the problem. After two (!) washes at 60C-not very eco of me but this was an exception to the rule, with my usual, stain removing detergent, the stains are still there and clearly visible.

I have been using this well-known American brand for a few years and while I don’t use all of their products, the ones that I do passed my seal of approval and do give lovely results. It really is a sophisticated, well-researched brand but if a good detergent can’t get its foundation off the fluffy white towel, what residue does this product leave on my skin? Ok, there was a lot of it on the towel, that much is clear and I never apply so much to my face but it should still wash off, shouldn’t it ?


Skin is out biggest organ and whatever we apply to it goes in, with the potential to reach our vital organs, like our liver that filters everything. You really need to think about that and about brands and products that you apply to your skin daily. I am not saying go completely green or don’t use skincare or cosmetics, all I am saying is that you need to pause before you actually make a purchase. Try the foundation in-store, spend the day wearing it and then in the evening wash your face and then look at your towel. The rest I will leave up to you to ponder…..

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