French wellness brand Aime pops-up in London

Nowadays more and more of us are starting to make an internal connection between body and beauty. French wellness brand Aime, founded by friends and business partners Mathilde Lacombe and Francois Morrier, has been spotlighting this important interdependence from day one. Now that the brand has gained traction with customers in France, it has widened its reach by opening a pop-up store in the heart of London’t Covent Garden. No Brexit do or die attitude here!

In early October founder Mathilde Lacombe invited a small group of journalists, bloggers and influencers for an early morning celebration of the opening of the AIME pop-up boutique. She was launching another new addition to Aime family as well – a night-time tincture called SLEEP & GLOW.

Mathilde Lacombe, co-founder of Aime

We were welcomed with delicious breakfast treats, as well as steaming cups of Aime Matcha Glow. As a small crowd assembled, women exchanged their experiences with Aime supplements (you can read about the three original launches here), talked about their beauty routines and their approach to wellness.

Once we were warmed-up, we listened to a brief, but insightful talk by UK’s leading gut nutritionist and author Eve Kalinik. Eve shared her views on gut health and how through simple habits and tricks we can all improve both our digestion and external appearance. Her no nonsense attitude is refreshing and with the help of her vast knowledge of the subject, she makes the complexities of nutrition and gut health easily digestible.

It’s helpful that all of Aime supplements can be taken on their own, as well in conjunction with each other. For example I am currently taking Pure Glow in the morning, Matcha Glow in the afternoon ( perfect remedy for afternoon’s energy slump) and Sleep & Glow drops in the evening. Each supplement is carefully packed with probiotics in order to boost the health of your gut.

The pop-up itself is small, but very welcoming. White walls and plenty of light streaming through big windows on both sides of the store create a welcoming atmosphere. Copper-coloured shelving and chic interior design accents add an element of timelessness & comfort. There are wellness books and brochures on display, charming nicknacks and a selection of Aime products, as well as brand’s product collaborations, like the delicious citrus tea with Celine Ruffet (L’Infuseur) and Boy Smells candles.

Aime is planning to host some intimate events for their customers (for now the pop-up is open till January), covering beauty and wellness, and Eve’s talk offered a perfect tasting of the things to come.

Now, to the two recent Aime launches. Matcha Glow boasts three leading ingredients: COLLAGEN, MATCHA and ALOE VERA. As we gain life experience and walk or run through life, our collagen declines. Its decline leads to loss of moisture and emergence of more noticeable wrinkles. That was one of the main reasons why Mathilde and Francois created MATCHA GLOW.

  • supports collagen production
  • designed to boost skin hydratation
  • designed to help improve elasticity & texture of the skin

Bioavailable: Collagen is easily digested and absorbed by the body (10 grams of collagen per serving). 

A great source of antioxidants: Matcha contains 137 times the amount of antioxidants, as other green teas. 

Beneficial: collagen helps to improve hair, skin, nails and joints, ligaments and tendons.

Ingredients per stick, dose – one sachet a day : Marine collagen 10g – organic matcha tea powder 1,5g (caffeine supply 30mg) – organic aloe vera juice powder 150mg – medium chain triglycerides. (Allergen : fish).  

It has a strong taste, so for those of you with the gentler taste buds, mix this supplement with cow’s or plant milk (oat or rice milk are great alternatives). When I take it in the afternoon, instead of a coffee, I definitely notice a surge of energy that lasts for a good few hours.

According to studies mentioned by Aime team, our skin’s behavior changes according to the day or night. During the day, the skin acts as a barrier against pollution and sunlight. At night, the skin regenerates, whilst the body is in the sleep mode. For this reason, Aime focussed its efforts on developing SLEEP & GLOW, a supplement tincture that helps enhance the recovery of the skin during the crucial hours of rest.

Aime Pure Glow, French Glow and Urban Glow

Sleep deprivation can lead to an accelerated aging of the skin. Conversely, a good night’s sleep gives us a healthier looking skin, less dehydration, fewer pimples and brighter eyes. Basically, an overall healthy complexion coupled with the elusive natural glow. Melatonin is the sleep hormone naturally produced by the body. However, many factors can alter its production (notably stress and blue screen light). A timely dose of SLEEP & GLOW promotes falling asleep and a gentler awakening. The leading ingredient in this tincture is Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic medicinal plant known for its regenerative properties, so you can expect to notice an improvement of overall skin health with regular use.

Directions :1 nightly dose: 13 drops or one full dropper taken orally 1 hour before going to sleep. Can be taken alone or mixed with a small glass of water or with our herbal tea. Sleep & Glow includes Ashwagandha 10mg (equivalent to 120 mg of roots), natural lemon aroma & melatonin 1mg.1 bottle = 45 doses

It tastes intriguingly sweet and I suggest you take it directly on or under your tongue, neat. Savouring the flavour and letting it seep into your system, helping the body settle in peacefully before you dive under the covers. I tried it having no expectations, as luckily I sleep well and don’t need assistance with falling asleep. However, after taking this supplement for just under three weeks I noticed that I felt calmer and dosed off quicker. Whether it coincided with a busier schedule or being more tired in the midst of season interjection I don’t know, but I do think it made a difference to my nervous system at the end of a day. Allowing the body to more at peace as the day draws to a close.

Aime pop-up is open till January. It is located at 55 Monmouth Street, Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London

To find out more about Aime and its products, please click here (none of the links on my website are sponsored or affiliated).

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