Full proof joy for children

MagnatilesEveryone seems to be running around in search of the perfect, elusive gift and I am not an exception to this rule. Giving gifts is a skill in itself-how do you know that the recipient is going to love the present? I really try hard to listen to my family and friends and get that really special something but it’s never a guarantee and I have had my share of disasters, like a set of incense sticks for my Dad-the look on his face was priceless for all the wrong reasons….. I am not going to start a discussion about who is the hardest to please, but kids, through no fault of their own, can leave you stranded for ideas, even in our consumer over-saturated world.

Ok, a bigger child can tell you what he or she wants but what about a smaller child, a toddler-how do you know that he is going to be pleased and will actually use the present to play for longer than 5 minutes? We all made that mistake of buying a widely advertised toy only for your child to end up playing with its wrapping with more pleasure than with the actual toy. Well, this year, thanks to my best friend and her children, I know that my son will be a very happy child indeed. The gift that will guarantee me this? Magna Tiles by Valtech.

Valtech is an American company that was started in 1997 and it’s main aim is to create innovative toys that will hold the child’s attention and help his or her development. Their magnetic tiles stick to each other at the edges and help create endless 3-D shaped buildings, animals etc all the while your child is learning pattern and shape recognition, improves fine motor skills and magnetic principles. Each set comes in clear or solid colour and they also make a car building set too. This toy, I know, will bring endless joy not only to my kid, but to us too-have you seen a Dad who doesn’t turn into an excited child when faced with Lego set, for example?

 The idea came to me when I saw my best friend’s boys playing with their Magna Tiles set (they have had it for a few years now) for hours on end. Last year my friend tried getting it for my son but it is only sold in the US or Canada, so this year I decided to be brave and bold and e-mailed Valtech direct.

To say that they were lovely, is to say nothing at all. They agreed to ship, explained everything, posted the sets and sent me the link to trace my parcel, so now I seriously love those people and my biggest thanks goes to them, not only for a wonderful toy that is creative and non-violent (!)  like many on the market, but also for providing a thoughtful service that is beyond reproach. Happy child makes a very happy mother. You might not have it in time for Christmas like me .) but it’s definitely a wonderful idea, be it for a boy or a girl, of quite different ages. It will make a great gift for whatever special occasion and if anything, will give you precious, enjoyable time with your kids doing something creative and fun. That’s already two gifts in one!


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