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I don’t know about you but lately I struggle to get off the bed in the morning-the sun might stream through the window, the bird’s song might make me smile, but I still want to slumber in my cosy bed, as opposed to jumping out of it. Spring is the time when nature starts to wake up but post-winter out bodies, which have been hibernating and not getting enough sunlight are feeling the effects of vitamin depletion, so what has a girl to do to feel like an energised bunny?

Functionalab is the Canadian brand that combines advanced nutraceuticals with extensive research into body functions and uses only highest quality active ingredients. I heard about this brand a couple of years ago from a friend who studied together with the Francis Maheu, one of brand’s co-founders, at INSEAD, and last year I decided to test their supplements.

Functionalab is an innovative and premium brand of science-based, supplementIMG_0494solutions promoting a holistic approach to beauty, health and nutrition.  Functionalab joins the dots between nutrition, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals by approaching beauty from the perspective of health. Essentially health and beauty are inseparable.

Functionalab’s approach is to put nutrition to the service of beauty by complementing existing beauty regimen by nourishing your body from the inside out to achieve outer beauty from inner health. Consumers have long understood the relationship between nutrition and beauty, however only with the recent advent of nutricosmetics science and products is it possible to promote the enhancement of beauty by nutrition in a unique and targeted way. From inception, we wanted to provide consumers with tailored and personalized solutions, not a one size fits all.

The range itself includes nine products that target key beauty issues for both face and body and you will generally start seeing the results after about four or five weeks of taking those supplements.

I was lucky to get advice from Natalie, who at the time was brand’s director of nutrition and training and not only was her advice always measured, it was objective and honest. Here is what she told me last year: ‘It is important to remind you to take only one kind of multivitamin. Our Ultra Health multivitamin is one of the highest quality you may find on the market.  In additions to vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it also includes fruits, vegetables and plant extract for optimal support. We, at Functionalab, have a policy to suggest to consult medical doctor, if a customer have a special condition.’-in my case, at the time, I was nursing my baby, so Natalie made sure I had the full information on the supplement I was planning to take-she asked me if I still took the post-natal vitamin, as you can’t take both at the same time, but she firmly insisted that I discuss the supplement she suggested for me with my Ob prior to taking it-how often would a person working for a health supplement brand will make sure that the vitamins that you are taking are right for you, as opposed to just simply urging you to buy, like the sales assistant in SpaceNK did when I went to get a re-fill and he started bombarding me with suggestions ?

At the time when Natalie was advising me on what supplements to choose while nursing, she told me that ‘my pleasure is being able to help men and women to feel and live better…I love what I am doing with Functionalab, because when people contact me, they already are at a step that they want to take care of themselves’. As my baby was only a couple of months old, she told me that Functionalab supplements were going to let me ‘enjoy better your “little one” and enjoy life at its maximum’ and I have to say that the supplements helped me achieve that while nursing, as you are restricted in what you can take, be it vitamins or medicines in order not to harm your baby-a very important factor as far as any new mother is concerned.

I have also used Functionalab Detox Health Drops last spring and have started taking it again yesterday. Those drops are rich in antioxidant and also contain 100% natural plant extracts to support liver and elimination process. The Detox proprietary blend offers special ingredients such as Kudzu, Cactus leaf, Cranberry  fruit extract, Magnolia barks, and Dandelion  and those drops can be safely combined with the above mentioned multivitamin.

Another good supplement is Functionalab Antiox health drops, which help you to protect your body from free radicals damage-a word of warning-those drops taste like very concentrated green tea, so try mixing them with a strong tasting juice, like cranberry-that way you will keep hydrated and protected at the same time.

Functionalab also makes age targeted supplements, like Age Defence, which addresses issues like hydration, protection from free-radicals, firmness, and premature ageing so whichever formula you will choose, will assist you in looking younger and feeling more vibrant and energetic.

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