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When it comes to washing our faces, we all have different preferences. Some just use their nimble hands. Some love their Clarisonic, others prefer Foreo. But there are also some of us who love face cloths, muslins & towels to enhance the cleansing part of daily skincare routines, so I thought I would share the ones that I love.

One of my first cleansers was the now iconic Liz Earle’s ‘Cleanse & Polish’, which came with a face muslin cloth. As I delved into exploring the world of beauty, I tried Clarisonic when it was newly launched, but after using it regularly for the first month or two, I found that with time I used it less & less. In the end I passed it on to a friend, who wanted one. I continued experimenting with face cloths. Then Foreo arrived on the scene & I still use it from time to time. I also like Sarah Chapman’s Facialift, but it’s more of a facial massager, then a cleansing tool. I also use The Hayou Method jade Beauty Restorer for the face, alongside a cleansing balm or oil, as I find that it enhances the efficacy of cleansing and boosts the circulation, so my skincare can work more effectively.

Having said that, I still am very enamoured with a simple face cloth & below are a few of my absolute favourite ones, some old, some recently discovered & incorporated into evening skincare routine.

Tropic Bamboo Cloth

Costing only £5, it is not large, nor too small. Soft to the touch, it is made from 100% organic & sustainable bamboo fibres, so it will work hard & well for you for a long time, only getting softer in the process. Bamboo is also known for it’s anti-bacterial properties, so using it on your face, neck & decollate ( don’t forget to wash it after each use !), this face cloth will make sure that you don’t spread bacteria that can lead to spots.

de Mamiel Cleansing Cloth, £12 for one or £34 for a pack of three, in a storage cloth bag 

This fine-weave muslin & pure cotton velour face cloth, created by Annee de Mamiel, speaks volumes about Annee as a practitioner when it comes to paying attention to every detail, no matter how small. No wonder that her products for face, mind & body are adored by people around the world. 

Generously sized, the cloth is double-sided, offering you a perfect tool for enhancing your cleansing routine. A fine-weave muslin on ‘one’ side will help to exfoliate your skin delicately, helping to get rid of dry or congested areas, lift away impurities & dead skin cells & increase skin’s ability to absorb skin nutrients & maintain it’s protective barrier with regular use. A 100% soft cotton velour ‘second’ side will smooth the skin, especially when you use it alongside a balm face cleanser, like Annee’s Restorative Cleansing Balm. A simple cloth, yet so thoughtfully & lovingly created by a woman who knows fully well that women deserve & appreciate practicality with an element of luxury when it comes to looking after themselves. Precious moments of calm enhanced & magnified in the privacy of your bathroom, eliciting a contented smile.

Ikeuchi Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cleansing cloths ( available to purchase via Beauty heroes website ) in  variety of colours, $10 each

I first discovered them thanks to my Beauty Heroes subscription & since then have expanded my ‘colour’ range with a pink ( most unusual for me, but I let my daughter use it, as instilling good skin care practises will help kids make better choices when they face the insecurity of teen years ) and green. Compact, soft & efficient, they connect me to Japanese artisans & they skills, as this organic & compostable face cloth is not only made with eco-friendly bamboo, but is also woven with wind generated electricity. Add to that the knowledge & craftsmanship of Japanese people, who dye the yarn into subtle wave graduations, inspired by the Seto Inland Sea, allowing you to mentally travel to Japan as you cleanse your skin after a long, stressful day. The beauty is in detail, all we need to do is pause & appreciate it.

Josh Rosebrook Organic Wash Cloth, £25 for two

Like Annee, Josh is one of those brand founders who I admire greatly & take every possible opportunity to learn from. He doesn’t compromise when it comes to his products, walking his own unique & creative professional path & he is a complete & utter perfectionist when it comes to product formulation & creation. His latest launch, a fine face wash cloth made from Turkish cotton, is so soft, you just want to bury your face in it. It feels like the cosiest, fluffiest cloud nine, in which you want to be floating!

Made from ECOCERT Organic Cotton, each wash cloth is handmade in Turkey by native artisans who use a 400-year-old weaving technique.  As soon as your hands touch it, you feel the high-quality of the yearn-dyed cotton at the tips of your fingers ( it adheres to the highest Global Organic Textile Standard ) that is hand-loomed by master weavers.

Josh was adamant that no dyes, bleach or chemicals were used in the manufacturing process of those wash cloths. The cloth itself ( they come in pairs ) looks big when it arrives, but it shrinks a little after the first wash ( make sure to wash it at 30C ), due to the ‘breaking in’ process of washing natural cotton. In time the cloth will become even softer ( if that’s possible .) & more absorbent, so you can also use it to remove face masks.

Josh recommends not to use fabric softener when washing those cloths, as it will decrease their absorbency & will coat the fibres with unnecessary chemicals. Something that often we simply don’t consider, continuing sticking to ‘old’ habits. By introducing  those cotton face towels to the range, Josh yet again reinforces the importance of the ethos of conscious consumption, in a world when many of us buying one thing & set their sights on another straight away. Pause, breath & enjoy daily moments of getting to know your skin, checking in with yourself about how you feel & what you really need to look & feel good in your skin & in your body.

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