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Pandemic highlighted a lot of things for many of us. We all rediscovered long-forgotten hand-washing techniques our grandmothers taught us; our love for de-cluttering, baking, binge watching favourite TV shows & chasing pavements on the once-a-day walk. But we also re-evaluated our beauty routines and made note of what we can happily forego and what actually makes us look and feel better. As a long-term fan of facial massage, I thought I would do a round up of my favourite facial massagers that have passed the test of times. Some of those tools have actually been in my “facial arsenal” for years. So no faddy recommendations here, only the tools that I keep on using regularly and that deliver results that I can see in the mirror.

The Curiosity Gap: Facial Massagers arsenal

As beauty salons are finally re-opening (it is shameful that predominantly male government forgot about the fact that predominantly female-led when it comes to practitioners beauty industry has to earn a living & support their families just like the rest of us – those people are vital to society, they are NOT an afterthought!), some will rush to see their favourite facialist or beauty practitioner. But there are many that remain cautious for the time being. For that reason I want to spotlight the importance of daily facial massage and the tools that can help your complexion look better naturally. Touch is healing in itself, especially when coupled with a positive intention. But regular facial massage also helps elevate tension, increases lymphatic drainage and blood flow, as well as enhances the efficacy of skincare products applied straight after.

Gua Sha

Over the years I have been taught some wonderful facial massage techniques by facialists like Anastasia Achilleos, Sarah Chapman & Tine Hagelquist. I continue putting their advice and tips to good use months & years after they were initially given or shared, proving that past beauty practises are as effective in our modern day and age. A trip to a good facialist is not just a treatment, it is an opportunity for you to ask individual questions, tailored to your needs. Armed with personalised recommendations you can put those tips to good use in-between treatments or facials. You will look and feel better and the facialist will compliment you at your next appointment – without regular effort there is no visible result I am afraid, particularly when you are no longer in your 20s.

Facial Massagers: tap or roll away

In addition to the usual – good sleep & nutrition tailored to your body’s needs, regular hydration (by that I mean drinking at least 1,5 litres of water and herbal, non-caffeine teas a day; exercise (that helps release happy hormones and makes you sweat, speeding up toxin elimination process); laughter; daily sun protection and skincare routine that works for your skin, I do find that regular use of facial massagers helps my skin’s overall appearance.

“If you are diligent & spend a couple of minutes every day working the fascial muscles, you will be rewarded with much firmer, brighter & healthier face. This is because a good face massage squeezes out the toxins from the underlining tissues & tones up the muscles.”

Alexandra Several, facialist and founder of skincare brand Soveral
rolling in the deep with the gentle Slim Cera facial massager
  • Slim Cera: I bought this facial massager many years ago at Content store, but sadly it is no longer available for purchase in the UK. However to this day enjoy I using it on my face when I feel stressed and need some gentle release for my facial muscles. It also soothes the senses, reminding me of the gently lapping sea water during a solitary swim. Five rollers imitate therapist’s hands and stimulate facial muscles. The diamond cut roller surfaces help push out any dirt from the pores. The roller head includes ceramic material that combines 10 different minerals (notably quarts & tourmaline) and helps rejuvenate the skin. I tend to use it after cleansing my face or after applying a facial oil. One word of caution though – don’t use it on the skin, if you applied a product containing Vitamin C, as due to high rate of acidity it can damage the surface of Slim Cera. Interestingly enough, you can use it not only all over the face, but on the body too. I find that it helps skin look less dull and more rejuvenated.
  • Hayo’u Method Facial Gua sha tools: Katie Brindle, Chinese medicine practitioner and Hayo’u Method founder, has been advocating the use of Gua Sha from the early days of launching her brand in the UK. Gua Sha is an ancient therapeutic massage technique that you can easily do on yourself with the help of the rounded-edged tool. It helps clear the extra heat from the body and increases the circulation of the blood to the skin surface. This technique is known for its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties and is incredibly pleasurable, as well as physical. You will have temporary redness on the skin, but it also is a sign that nutrients are being brought to the skin, where most needed & more effectively. It also boosts lymphatic drainage and helps to achieve a clearer, more luminous complexion. I use the Jade Beauty restorer tool in the evening, the Rose Quartz one (when I have the time) in the morning and the Jade Beauty Restorer Precision around the eye area, forehead, nose and mouth. It is particularly great for the small areas on your face or on small wrinkles & lines, appearance of which you want to reduce. Gua Sha also gives a natural boost to the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin – something that cannot be underestimated as we and our skin age .)
  • Jade face Roller: to be honest, I tend to use it the least since I started using the gua sha tools mentioned above. But it was one of the first jade tools that I have used on my face. I guess for me personally face rollers are more to do with sentimentality, acting as a reminder that face rollers opened the flood gates for the other facial massage tools into a widely used consumer orbit. I would also say that jade face roller is a gentler tool, while jade gua sha allows you to get deeper into the muscles and the grooves of your face. Face rollers are good, if you are looking for a soothing massage, as well as ‘pushing’ serums or face oils deeper into the skin.

Note: Sourcing of jade is a separate topic of the conversation because a lot of it comes from unregulated mines in China. So please do question the provenance of the jade in the tools you are about to purchase, especially when buying them via Amazon.

  • The Facialift by Sarah Chapman: believe it or not, I first used & reviewed this tool created by Sarah ten years ago. To this day the same, original purchase continues to serve me well. Imitating (well, sort of, as it is not as good as her famous facial) Sarah’s “knuckle massage technique”, this tool allows you to massage and tap away all over your face. It helps de-puff the skin through increasing the natural drainage in the facial tissues & brightens your complexion. It is as fun to use, as it is thorough.
  • Vibrating Beauty Bar: now, this one is a little bit of a controversial beauty tool in my opinion. I bought two a few years ago, from Skinesis (the brand has since discontinued its production). The one I gifted my mother still works, the one I got for myself stopped working about six months after the purchase. In the last couple of years many brands launched their own, often pricey versions – there is even a gold-plated one retailing at over 200 euros. My vibrating beauty t-bar that you can see in one of the images is a ‘cheap & cheerful’ version, bought for about tenner on Amazon. And you know what? It still works! So the more expensive isn’t necessarily the better to purchase. Those vibrating t-bar tools help ease the tension from facial muscles and improve the lift and contour definition of the face prone to puffiness. I like using it from time to time, but it’s not the one that rocks my boat or rather face the most.
ancient, but modern: Hayo’u Method Gua Sha tools

Regular facial massage is incredibly effective, as well as pleasurable. It will enhance your features and improve the definition of your facial contours. It will decrease puffiness, dullness and congestion, while also removing tension from your face (pay particular attention to the jawline & extend it to your neck & decollate when you have a bit more time).

The importance of touch and massage can’t and shouldn’t be underestimated in terms of our overall wellbeing. Facial massage gives you a perfect opportunity to examine your face in the mirror, feel it with the the tips of your fingers, learning where you store tension and where your muscles need some extra help. At the time of uncertainty and stress having a facial massagers in your beauty arsenal at home will help you look and feel better. Consider facial massagers to be your loyal assistants that can help enhance the result of your own actions!

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