Galina Spotlights: Manasi 7 All Over Shine (KAITO)

I don’t know whether it’s the general tiredness & desire to simplify our lives or the fact that many of us continue to work from home, but multiple retail & marketing surveys highlight the increase in skincare sales and the drop in make-up ones. However it’s worth noting that there are a few make-up brands that from their initial launch combined the benefits of skincare with colour, so the consumer doesn’t have to choose between the two. Swedish make-up brand Manasi 7 is the perfect example of make-up that looks after the skin, as well as makes it look more beautiful externally.

(M)anasi 7 All Over Shine in Kaito

When an experiences make-up artist launches a brand you can be sure that he or she has transferred the practical knowledge into the products when it comes to choice of colours and complexions. But no less importantly, a good make-up artist understand the importance of looking after one’s skin, so makeup or make-up look will enhance it, rather then hide the person behind it. Make-up should nurture the skin, while making the individual look like himself or herself. Just better !

In the last decade consumers have become more and more conscious of the importance of looking after their health of their skin, instead of applying layers and layers of foundation over it. Make-up nowadays should serve a purpose of helping consumer to look less tired, as well as enhance individual features, otherwise consumers will turn their gaze elsewhere.

(M)anasi 7 latest product launch

Susanne Manasi places her customer & individuality at the forefront of development and launch of each of (M)anasi 7 products. She focusses on giving customers the tools that easily help them enhance their appearance and appear more radiant in their skin, irrespective of age.

(M)anasi7 KAITO visual campaign

Manasi 7 latest launch, KAITO, builds up on the popularity of one of brand’s best-sellers, All Over Shine Cristallo, but in this instance adds more ‘glow & shimmer” to the skin. Inspired by female Japanese pearl divers, this shade helps create a subtle iridescent shimmer with a glossy finish to your face, eyes & lips.



(M)anasi 7
Curiosity Gap beauty spotlight

This visually mesmerising pearly shade is subtle, but it does add a more eye-catching effect to bare skin, adding both a touch of dewy radiance with a flawless finish. The organic all-in-one balm is smooth, lightweight and non-sticky and it also boasts moisturising and hydrating formula. So as I promised, the beautiful synergy of skincare and make-up under one perfectly white lid.

A little bit of shimmer is good for one’s mood

Tip: blend with any (M)anasi 7 cream product – foundation, concealer or all over colour for the more sophisticated iridescent glow.

Having already developed a loving addiction to daily use of Cristallo, I was most curious to test this product. I apply it with my fingers in two ways – either straight after my morning skincare – tapping it gently into my eyelids, tops of the cheeks and lips. It is perfectly placed on the ‘high points’ of your face – brow bones, cupid’s bow and the above mentioned top of the cheekbones. Susanne also recommends dabbing some into the corners of your eyes. Doing so almost instantly lifts your features and ‘wakes’ up your complexion & outward gaze.

The Curiosity Gap x (M)anasi 7 = beauty insights

Gliding it over the high points of the face ‘spotlights’ them, while mixing KAITO with All Over Colour, Bronzelighter, Strobelighter or Skin Enhancer (foundation & concealer all in one) will simply add a touch of glossiness to the skin. As this product has emollient, soothing and softening properties, it is a perfect balm to nourish lips as the temperatures dip and delicate skin can ‘crack’, especially in the corners. You also have a choice to apply it on its own or layer a favourite lipstick on top.

(M)anasi 7 image

What makes Manasi 7 even more special as a make-up brand it its “multinational” element. The brand is designed and developed in Stockholm, Sweden, the collection is made in Italy, using the best possible composition of ingredients and shades that deliver the most wonderful sensorial feeling. And it is sold around the world, by the retailers who value and support niche brands and founders who are driven by creativity and desire to improve the current status quo in the beauty industry. Empowering the customers and making them to feel and look better. At the time when fear, sadness and uncertainty seem to be the prevailing emotion experienced by many, the power of make-up that lifts us internally and externally, is something that should be widely used as a tool in our daily arsenal. Together as individuals we can and should make the world a better place. Celebrating strength & beauty that everyone has in them.

Flower & light and the world seems bright

To find out more about (M)anasi 7 products, please click here

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